Admission Process and Requirements


  • The applicant must be male Filipino with age not more than 25 years old
  • He may be a:
    • member of the Grade 10 batch of his school at the time of application.
    • Grade 10 completer or Alternative Learning System graduate
    • Grade 11 finisher who wishes to transfer to our school
    • Grade 12 graduate
    • Graduate of Industrial Technician Program from CITE
  • Grades in Math, Physics and English are at least 80% in the last grading period
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Should pass the entrance examination, applicant and parents interview, Special Orientation Program (3 days), and physical and medical examination



  • Entrance examinations are conducted everyday and on Saturdays at CITE  with NO TESTING FEE.
  • You may also request our personnel to conduct the entrance examination in your school through your school administrators. Please call 346-1611 and look for Dariel Lauron.
  • Entrance exam results will be released after a week through our website. You may also call us at 346-1611 to know the results.
  • If you fail, you may take the entrance exam a week after.


• 4 pcs 1x1 ID picture (blue background)
• Original & 4 photocopies of High School Card/Transcript of Records
• 4 pcs photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate
• Original & 4 photocopies of Good Moral Certificate
• Original & 4 photocopies of NCAE Result (if applicable)
• Original & 4 photocopies of Parent's Latest Income Tax Return or BIR Tax Exemption Certificate
• Form 138 (HS card) or Form 137
• one long brown envelope


  • The Special Training Orientation Program is a  3-day training for aspirants FREE OF CHARGE. It allows you to experience our unique brand of education first hand. Classes in Math, English, Electricity, and Benchwork will be given.
  • In the course of STOP, you and your parents will undergo personal interviews.
  • Physical examination and medical examination will also be conducted.


  • You will be notified through this website if you passed the Special Training Orientation Program after processing your application.
  • You will be subjected to medical examination to see if you are physically fit. Medical examination will be FREE OF CHARGE.
  • If you passed the medical exam, you and your parents will be asked to sign the training contract and statement of the principles.
  • You will be given an enrollment form as final part of the process.