Admission Process

  1. Submit to the Information Area a duly filled-out Application Form (can be downloaded from this link or available at the Information Area for walk-in applicants.
  2. Take the 2-hour entrance examination. Entrance examinations are conducted every Saturday at 9:00 a.m. at CITE with a testing fee of P50.00.
  3. Examination results will be available after a week. You may call the Information at telephone no. 346-1611 or log on to this website.
  4. If you passed the examination, you will be advised to participate in a one-week training conducted either in the summer (between April and May) or in November. The training called Summer Technician Orientation Program (STOP) will give you a foretaste of the three-year program. You will undergo bridging classes in Math, English, Electricity, Drafting, and Workshop. Physical endurance tests will be conducted to see if you are physically fit.
  5. Within your training, you will be interviewed to determine your interest in the program. Your parents will also be interviewed to find out their commitment to support you in your studies and their commitment to attend the monthly Parenting Seminar. You will receive your certificate of training at the end of one week.
  6. You will be ranked according to your performance in the STOP and entrance qualifications (entrance exam, high school grades).
  7. Announcement of the top 450 applicants will be posted on this site.
  8. If you passed, you will undergo a medical examination in the school. Your enrollment will depend upon the result of the medical examination.
  9. Your enrollment ends after you have received your enrollment form. You may be assigned in any entry points: June, September, or January batch.
  10. For non-passers, you may take the entrance examination again after 5 months.

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