Industrial Technician Program (ITP) (3 years)


  • Set up and maintain local and wide area networks
  • Perform programming tasks in database, C++, and Visual Basic
  • Install hardware and software applications
  • Design web page and other similar computer graphics and multimedia application
  • Graduates of Information Technology are ready to take the NC II in Computer Systems Servicing


Shorter Time for School

It only takes three years to obtain a diploma in any of our Industrial Technician Program. Since our coursework is focused on skill specific education, a student will stay for only 15 months in the school and another 15 months in the company. Less time spent in the classroom means less tuition costs and a quicker leap into the workforce.

It’s Practical!

Getting into a college education is now expensive. Statistics show that only 10 out of 25 high school graduates can actually finish college due to financial difficulty. Our school offers Study-Now-Sponsor-a-Scholar-Later Program that helps your parents finance your studies with less worry.

Get Employed…Fast!

We have our own placement arm that will help you find a job after you graduate. We boast a 98% job placement rate every year. Through our strong linkages with reputable industries, job opportunities are primed for you even before you graduate.

Other Advantages

Our school offers smaller class size which means a very personalized approach of instruction. Our strong support network includes e-learning, personal tutorials, formative activities, and active student clubs. Consider a technical course as a viable choice to achieve your dreams. It’s worth the journey!


1. Male Filipino high school graduate
2. At least 16.5 and not more than 25 years old upon application
3. Grades in Math, Physics, and English are at least 80% during last grading period
4. Must pass the admission test, interview, Summer Technician Orientation Program, and physical and medical examination
5. Annual family income should not exceed Php 120,000


4 pcs. 1”X 1” ID pictures (with blue background)
4 photocopies of high school report card/transfer credentials
4 photocopies of birth certificate
4 photocopies of certificate of good moral character
4 photocopies of parent’s latest income tax return (ITR)/certificate of BIR tax exemption


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