CITE Trains PASAR Millwrights

Some 14 millwrights or  high-precision craftsmen who install, dismantle, repair, reassemble, and move machinery at Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining Corporation (PASAR) underwent the Precision Shaft Alignment Training from January 24 to February 15, 2019  at its LIDE Training Center.

The training aimed to equip the participants with the latest new technology in alignment applications and up the ante in developing maintenance capability to a level and quality where the plant’s machine safety, performance and availability will be at a benchmark level. The training furthers its goal at improving the rotating plant performance through a more time-efficient procedure.

Participants were handpicked from Asset Management Department, specifically from Primary Smelting Maintenance, Secondary Smelting Maintenance, Refinery/Dore Maintenance, SFP/Port Maintenance, and Acid Plant/Utilities Maintenance.

Millwrights contributed to PASAR’s commitment to continual improvement, and its vision of becoming a benchmark smelter.

CITE Training Officer Johnry Gac-ang teamed up with Bill Owen of TAFE Queensland to give the series of month-long upskilling training to millwrights.

Photos and text butchered from PASAR’s Official Publication, “CopperFlash”, Vol. 21, Issue 14, April 24, 2019

Foreign Technical Internship Granted to CITE Graduates

A significant policy change in Japan to its ease labor shortages allows a partnership between CITE and AKTIO Corporation, a leading construction equipment rental business in Japan, to provide training and employment opportunities to highly skilled graduates of CITE in its headquarters in Tokyo.

The partnership was made possible through the efforts of CITE vice-president Mario King who introduced representatives from AKTIO to CITE during the exploration visit of AKTIO top executives in November 2017.

Having seen the opportunity to expand its operations in the Philippines to provide rental solutions and drum up support for technology transfer to able and competent Filipino workers, the Japanese company signed an agreement with CITE to start the AKTIO Philippines Training Program in June 2018.

About 20 graduates of the 3-year Electromechanics Technology Program were inducted into the training which included a battery of preparatory procedures such as document screening, interviews, home visits, medical and psychological exams, technical training and assessment, Japan technical training, and Japan business model training to prepare aspirants for the slot and broaden the scope of the program. From about 20 applicants, they were trimmed down to 12 to enroll in the Japanese Language class.

Twenty-five year old Rommel Sasan is the youngest in a brood eight children whose father passed away last year. Rommel lives in a rundown neighborhood in the urban area with his sickly mother, some of his siblings and extended family members who rely on his income.

Rommel has longed to work abroad and get a better deal in life. After some unsuccessful attempts to apply in Korea and Japan and foreign language trainings on the side, the AKTIO project came his way as a blessing after passing his time around.

Rommel was chosen among eight trainees from 12 aspirants who were finally selected to be sent to Japan for a training. Rommel joined fellow alumni Leonardo Amoroto, Christian Bordadora, Aries Felisco, Jeran Fernandez, Janrey Mahinay, Charles Kim Pitogo, Reign Joshua Setenta who arrived in Inabe Oizume, Nagoya on February 6 this year.

While coping with homesickness and nostalgic for home, Rommel finds the weather condition a most challenging for him from the get-go. While daytime highs would be warm, the evening temperatures are very cold, even reaching single digits.

“As you know, we are from a tropical country, so waking up to a chilly morning breeze is really a struggle for us. But we are able to manage because of the people who support us, especially our daily life advisor, Mr. Masuda Akiyoshi, Plant Manager Nago Toukatsu, Yuu Ogiwara, and Aoyagi. They treat us very fairly. They even threw a welcome party just for all of us Philippine trainees,” Rommel reported in a Facebook interview.

For about a month, the eight trainees were given advance classes in Japanese language just to get around to the culture. They also had on-the-job training on operating heavy equipment like backhoe, fork lift, grinder, among others. They will undergo one-year training in Nagoya before being deployed to three other Japanese city plants.

Their daily grind includes waking up as early as 5:00 am and going to the site on a bicycle at around 7:00 a.m. After a daily exercise, they attend a meeting to prepare for the workload for the day. They also attend mass in Japanese in a Catholic church nearest their quarters.

The trainees signed into a 3-year technical internship contract in preparation for the full swing operation of AKTIO Philippines. Upon their return to Cebu, these trainees are encouraged to pursue the bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship through CITE.

In May 2018, a CITE team composed of Mr. Benjie Wong, Mr. Johnry Gac-ang, Mr. Marlon Valencia, and Mr. Bonifacio Mercado Jr. was sent to Japan to visit the main plants in Tokyo and Nagoya to further study the training, operations, culture, and business models of AKTIO.

To keep the program running as intended, the partnership is poised to create more opportunities for CITE graduates to train in Japan and experience world-class technical internship that leads to their gainful employment, improve their standard of living and help contribute to the Philippine economy.

ComVal Students to Benefit Apex Mining Scholarships

Some 30 SHS graduates from Compostela Valley will soon benefit from the chance to study at CITE through a scholarship package from Apex Mining Company, Inc. (AMCI), a gold mining company operating on Maco Mine in ComVal.

CITE’s partnership with AMCI will ensure the second batch of scholars an access to the college diploma in Engineering Technology Program which will address the need for quality graduates to meet the demand of AMCI workforce.

As part of its corporate social initiative, AMCI has earmarked about 11.9 M for educational funds that included Adopt-a-School, Work Immersion Program, and college education for its locals and neighboring communities.

AMCI’s partnership with CITE has provided the recent graduates and graduates of old curriculum to get a better deal in life. The partnership aimed to select scholars with great potential but who face significant financial barriers to entry into higher education.

On April 22-24, 2019, about  68 aspiring applicants coming from different schools participated in the three-day screening process to select the scholarship beneficiaries. Only the top 30 scholars will be selected based on their performance during the rigid screening process.

The screening process included classes in Math, English, Drafting, Workshop, and Physical Education. Parents and applicants were also interviewed to get their commitment. The event was capped with a culminating activity.

Successful scholars will receive a comprehensive support upon selected for the program. With the growth of youth population in  ComVal, AMCI hopes to educate a new generation of leaders who will will create opportunities for others. CITE is just a right step for them, as it did for the first batch of scholars.


“Paglilitis” Shocks Talamban Times Square Shoppers and Students

CITE’s adaptation of Paul Dumol’s “Ang Paglilitis Kay Mang Serapio” starts in a gentrifying underworld with dimly-lit rundown interior sets the tone of a trial that shocked even the most matured bystander in the mall.

It is, in fact, the main goal of the play. At its onset, the play immediately grabs the audience by the neck as it introduces the characters whose gravity of their voice and facial expressions are painted with grit and grimes.

The cast, consisted of Grade 11 students from Electrical Engineering Technology Department (2B and some 2A students for the bit parts), played out their parts well with two shows in the row at the activity center of Talamban Times Square on April 5, 2019 as the culmination of their subject in Literature.

Shoppers are shocked by students dressed as beggars as they walk around the vicinity, even so when the actual play began to unfold before their eyes. While the venue was not tightly packed, with only graduating students from San Isidro Parish School and Talamban National High School and patrons, it was a history in the making for Grade 11 students who are all out in their performances.

The first group had to fight against the noise of the streets and had to use their vocal power to relay the story. According to their trainer, Phillip Bernardo Ogang, “It was an opportunity for the actors to play by the ear and use their training in voice projection.”

The play which depicts a seemingly dystopic society where a beggar is tried for raising a child is nothing novel. We all have seen them in movies about underground syndicates. But how lead characters such as Jose Daniel Pregoner and John Renesh Almario alternately portrayed the slow-burning fear in their eyes that escalate as the brutality of their interrogators stakes out is nothing short of an award-winning performance of their lives.

Add the production designs and lighting set-ups of both teams, one would unmistakably conclude that the latest staging (actually the fifth version) is the hardest to beat.

Ultimately, there is nothing anyone in the audience can do as the course of events has been apparent. The message of the play is relevant and bloody part where a crazed executioner is supposedly plucking the eye of Serapio is well executed.

A homage to Dante’s “Inferno”, “Ang Paglilitis Kay Mang Serapio” includes subtle elements of a failing society dramatically portrayed by the members of the cast. It was a dream come true for the team led by directors Clydel Caparida and Mike Tolomia who have labored two months to finally serve a play like no other.

Special thanks goes to CITE for the food, Jonel Jerusalem and an anonymous donor for paying the rent and deposits.

A Quick Guide for STOP Trainees

Hi there STOP trainees!

Congratulations on passing the entrance examination. You are now ready for the next step. If you have friends who have not taken our admission test yet, they are invited to visit CITE during school hours (8:00 am- 5:00 pm) DAILY. The test lasts about 1.5 hours). Preferred attire will be a school uniform. Don’t forget to bring a ballpen. For the results of the exam, check this link: Admission Test Results. Here’s in the map to our school:

Now on for those who have passed the exam! Here are the things you should remember:

The Summer (or Special) Training Orientation Program is 3-day training program for those who would like to pursue a course in Diploma in Engineering Technology Program (3 years). It is our screening process to select the best qualified students for the program. It will also serve as a foretaste of our program and determine your interest. The training is divided into five phases:

  1. The training program –  consists of preparatory subjects such as English, Mathematics, Electrical Principles, Physical Education, and Drafting to determine your entry level skills. Applicants should bring the following for the training: ruler, ballpen, pencil, PE attire (shorts and extra shirt), rag, and notebook.
  2. Applicant’s interview –  staff will be assigned to get to know you personally through an interview. Only applicants with high school cards (or at least with grades until the third grading) will be interviewed. The interview will give you a snapshot of what is expected of you if you will be accepted.
  3. Parent’s interview – parents will be interviewed to check if they are able to attend the monthly parenting seminar, willing to support you in your education (daily expenses, transpo, food, boarding house rental). Only parents or guardians are interviewed. No proxy is allowed.
  4. Medical exam – applicants will undergo a free medical exam such as X-Ray, CBC, physical exam once are accepted.
  5. Enrollment – this is the last phase when applicants submit all needed requirements for compliance. Original copies of the following will be collected from the applicants:
  • Original & 2 photocopies of High School Card /(TOR)
  • Original & 2 photocopies Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • 4 copies 1×1 ID pictures (Blue/White background)
  • 2 photocopies of NSO Birth Certificate
  • Original & 2 photocopies copies of NCAE Result
  • Original & 2 photocopies Parents Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) or Certificate of Tax Exemption or Certificate of Indigency 

STOP applicants are requested to attend an orientation before going to the actual training to prepare you for the training. For complete schedule of the training, please check this link: STOP Schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions on Facebook (

Q: How do I know if I passed the STOP training?

A: The result will come out at least 5 working days after your training. You will be notified through this link: STOP Results. 

Q: Why am I placed under the waiting list?

A: If you are put on a waiting list, it means that you have not met some provisions required in the training. For example, upon computations, your STOP grade did not make it to the cut-off requirement. But don’t worry. There is still a chance for you to get into the program once we release the results on the schedule provided. Otherwise, we advise you to start applying in other schools.

Q: How is my STOP grade computed?

A: Your STOP grade is a collective result of your exams during the 3 days, result of your admission test, high school grade average, and the result of you interview (both yours and your parents).

Q: What if I failed in the medical exam?

A: Normally, we let our physician advise you on what to do. This is also to put your safety as priority since we cannot put your health at risk considering our rigid training in the school.

Q: What to do if I passed the STOP?

A: Please refer to the schedule for your enrollment based on your batch number. Let the parents/guardians during enrollment. This time, you should have submitted all your original requirements otherwise, there will be a delay in the processing. If some requirements are not available, notify us so we can give you advice. Parents will also settle 2 months of monthly contribution (for example, the parents pledged P600 a month, they will have to settle P1,200 plus P500 for the advanced payment for uniform = a total P1,700 upon enrollment.

Q: I passed the STOP in 2018, but I did not enroll. Should I take the STOP again?

A: No need to join the STOP. We will try our best to look into your old records and if you indeed are qualified, you can be advised to enroll upon completion of the requirements (medical exam, interviews).

Q: I have difficulties complying with my application requirements. What will I do?

A: Inform us right away so we can give you a sound advice on what to do. Remember that you can’t be officially enrolled if your requirements are lacking. 

Q: What is the total cost/tuition of your program?

A: We don’t call them tuition but cost of education. You are, so to speak, sponsored by the previous scholars who have pooled in scholarship grants for you. All you have to do is to pool in another scholarship fund for the next scholars. Our DIET program differs from one course to another. For example, you choose to take the Diploma in Engineering Technology Program – Mechanical Engineering Technology (MT). MT would cost about P280,000 for three years considering how expensive a technical course since most of the time, you are using floorwork machines and equipment.

Total cost of education: P280,000

Since it is unthinkable to pay the cost one time, we will help you  pool in from other sources to complete the scholarship grant through the following:

  1. Parents’ pledge (ex. P700/month x 12 months x 3 years) = P 25,200
  2. Cebu City Scholarship (if any) = P60,000 (3 years)
  3. Scholarship from your in-plant training – P60,000
  4. TWSP (through TESDA) – P8,000
  5. SPES (from DOLE) – P7,000
  6. Workcon Equity – P7,500
  7. Other possible scholarships (for example, Unifast) – P70,000

All in all, we have pooled in P227,700.

Our remaining/outstanding balance is P42,500 which can be settled on a staggered basis once you find jobs. There is a need to complete our balance so you can sponsor other scholars who will come after  you.The provisions of this cost will be drawn in a contract which both you and your parents sign during the orientation.

Q: Are there other fees to be settled when I am enrolled?

A: Your cost of education practically covers all materials you need while you are in the training. If there are further fees, it would be very minimal. For example, photocopies of materials. Except for mandatory uniforms or National Certification fees, there are no other fees that are required by the school.

Q: Can I stop schooling anytime?

A: We may only grant leave of absence to students for two reasons: health and financial problems. We will ensure that you that your stay in CITE will be pleasing and worth the experience. If under circumstances you decided to stop, all provisions in the contract will be applied.

Q: Can I be given scholarships?

A: We have a scholarships office that caters to your needs. All you have to do is to submit a letter of intent for assessment. Scholarships can be in different form depending  upon your needs.

Q: Can you assure me of a job after three years?

A: We can’t assure you 100%, but our placement arm will make sure  that you get the opportunity to experience industry exposure for at least 15 months that will pave your way towards future employment. If, by chance, after graduation, you remained unemployed, we are willing to extend our reach through referrals and recommendation until such time you are employed. That is our commitment.

Q: Can I proceed to engineering courses after DIET?

A: Through our linkages to other universities (UC and CIT-U), it is now possible that our subjects will be credited towards a degree course  in engineering of related fields. However, our immediate goal is to provide the industries with technologists and technicians. Thus, we would advise you to gain experience yet and delay further studies until you can save enough or learn the trade. If you feel that you are ready, then you may settle your balances drawn in our contracts so you can enroll in universities or consider our future flexible degree programs.

Q: Is studying in CITE difficult?

A: We will ensure that your stay in CITE will be pleasing and wholesome. Academic rigors are always present, but with good mentoring from our teachers, support groups from your clubs and friends, formative activities, and support from your parents, there is no doubt that you can hurdle any difficulty that may arise during your stay here. 

Q: Can I stop schooling anytime?

A: We may only grant leave of absence to students for two reasons: health and financial problems. We will ensure that you that your stay in CITE will be pleasing and worth the experience. If under circumstances you decided to stop, all provisions in the contract will be applied.

Q: Do you allow twins or siblings to enroll at the same time?

A: Yes, for as long as the parents are willing to support them. 

Q: Do you accept applicants with poor grades?

A: We believe that everyone should be given a chance. Just take the entrance exams and see where it goes.

Q: Can I choose my own course?

A: Of course. But to give time to form a well-informed decisions, we will give you orientations so you can choose well. Future transferring to other courses will not be allowed. 

Q: Do you accept transferees, ALS graduates, or graduates of the old curriculum?

A: This depends. ALS graduates before the K12 implementation we can accept as long as they are not beyond 25 years old upon enrollment. For transferees, they have to undergo a new set of curriculum, which means they have to take our subjects again. All else may will not be credited to DIET program. For old curriculum, applicants have to be 25 years old and complete with requirements. 

Q: I am a Grade 12 graduate of CITE and was not considered for DIET program. Is there a chance to be re-accepted into the program?

A: You can apply again. Send a letter of intent. You and your parents will have to be reinterviewed. Otherwise, you will be advised to enroll in other school elsewhere upon settling your remained balances (parents’ pledge and  other pending fees).

CITE Holds 2nd SHS Graduation Ceremonies

CITE (Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise) Technical Institute, Inc. marks a new milestone as it celebrated its 2nd Graduation Rites for senior high school graduates on two separate ceremonies, April 12 and 13, 2019.

CITE honored the academic achievements and track completion of 314* students who comprise the second batch of SHS graduates who are products of K-12 educational reform of the government.

Graduates of TVL track in Machining, Mechatronics, Computer Systems Servicing, and Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing gathered at the gym, with their parents and CITE academic community.

Both Fr. Roy Cimagala and Fr. Nonoy Palarca congratulated the graduates during the thanksgiving mass preceding the closing ceremonies. 

Some 90 graduates of Machining NC II and 68 graduates of Mechatronics NC II comprised the April 12 batch. The April 13 batch has 80 graduates of Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing and 68 graduates of Computer Systems Servicing. Parents of 79 graduates received the perfect attendance certificate for completing the Education for Development Seminar Series for 2 years. 

Graduates with honors also received their certificate of recognition for achieving a grade point average of 90 or better in all subjects. The following are the awardees:

  1. James Carl Bacalan Andrino
  2. Jude Racal Oybenes
  3. Aprilboy Sanchez Naranjo
  4. Reaven Roov Sefe Evangelista
  5. Rene Racaza Palomar, Jr.
  6. Earl Ivan Largo Etac
  7. Mark Alfred Ebron Cadeon
  8. John Lloyd Telebrico Plaza
  9. Vince Augustine Jaca Delfin
  10. Alfonso Navarrete Gamboa
  11. Cyrelle Dave Hipgano Leopardas
  12. Lynard Bitoy Calvez
  13. Glen Mark Peralta Bontog
  14. Mac Dylan Philippe Morales Balagtas
  15. Niño Angelo Unabia Balagtas

Graduates who excelled in their technology subjects were also conferred with award certificate.

  1. James Carl Bacalan Andrino (Best in Machining)
  2. Vince Augustine Jaca Delfin (Best in Mechatronics)
  3. Lynard Bitoy Calvez (Best in Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing)
  4. Mac Dylan Philippe Morales Balagtas (Best in Computer Systems Servicing)

Students with perfect attendance and those who are best in conduct were also awarded during the ceremony. Junior Chamber of International Philippines’ Youth Leadership Excellence Awards recipients Vince Augustine Delfin and Mac Dylan Philippe Balagtas delivered the valedictory addresses on April 12 and 13, respectively.

Delfin in his speech stressed the importance of prayer, work, and service, while Balagtas simply told the graduates to follow their dreams and be passionate about what they are good at.

CITE was among 92 private schools nationwide accredited by the Department of Education (DepEd) to offer senior high school for school year in 2014.  CITE’s SHS program ensures that Grade 12 graduates are prepared for employment and further education in Diploma in Engineering Technology, a 3-year program towards engineering and better employment opportunities. 

The closing ceremonies centered on the theme, “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for All”, which speaks largely on CITE’s commitment towards the realization of quality, accessible, relevant basic education for the Filipino learners.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the school principal, Dr. Faustino Langahin and Development Office Director Mr. Armand Simeon Millan III.

Trade Training Upskilling Course for Asset Management Team Conducted

Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining Corporation (PASAR), Leyte — PASAR’s Asset Management Tradesmen go through a battery of skill-focused training in Engineering Measurement and Hand Tools helmed by professional trainers from TAFE Queensland and CITE Technical Institute, Inc., represented by Training Officer Johnry Gac-ang.

The Trade Training Upskilling Course aims to upgrade the skills and knowledge of tradesmen. The training comprises two components: (1) “training room” theory, practical training, and assessment and (2) “on-the-job training”, peer-to-peer mentoring, and work floor assessment.

Three batches of 12 personnel have successfully completed the Engineering Measurement Course. The participants are a mixture of Millwrights and Electricians from Primary Smelting, Secondary Smelting, Refinery, Slag Flotation Plant, Acid Plant & Utilities. Also, five batches of 12 mechanical tradesmen have successfully undergone the hand tools course. In the pipeline are training courses for electrical and other trade.

A total of 36 participants for Engineering Measurement and 240 participants for Hand Tools course have completed the course.

Texts and photos butchered from PASAR’s official gazette, CopperFlash.

Entrance Exam Results – 2019

Congratulations to the following applicants for (SY 2019-2020) who PASSED the entrance examination.

They are requested to complete and submit the application requirements before STOP. Only applicants with complete requirements can join the Summer Training and Orientation Program (S.T.O.P.).

Please stay updated with the S.T.O.P. schedule announcements and bring the following requirements during the training:

  • Original & 2 copies of High School Card /(TOR)
  • Original & 2 copies Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • 4 copies 1×1 ID pictures (Blue/White background)
  • 2 copies of NSO Birth Certificate
  • Original & 2 copies of NCAE Result
  • Original & 2 copies Parents Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) or
  • Certificate of Tax Exemption

UPDATED: Exam results updated as of March 30.

NAME School
1 Abaño Romel A. Handumon NHS
2 Abapo Eljun C. San Remegio NHS
3 Abarao John T. San Remegio NHS
4 Abarquez Marlon A. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
5 Abarquez Rumel V. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
6 Abarquez Felipe, Jr. V. Montpeller NHS
7 Abarquez Ar Jay P. Jugan NHS
8 Abellanosa Niño . Basak Community College
9 Abonitalla Franz David C. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
10 Adlit Renzo O. San Remegio NHS
11 Adolfo Jomar E. Canduman NHS
12 Aguilar Ryan Christopher E. Apas Integrated SHS
13 Ailes John Alexis E. Apas Integrated SHS
14 Alambra Vinz R. Apas Integrated SHS
15 Alavastro Riben . San Remegio NHS
16 Alcala Ramel E. San Remegio NHS
17 Alcantara Engrix C. Lusaran NHS
18 Alcoser Jay Ven M. Handumon NHS
19 Alferez Jonathan, Jr. M. Binaliw NHS
20 Alivio Oliver E. Pulpogan NHS
21 Alpanta Alphy G. Montpeller NHS
22 Alvar Ian Christian L. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
23 Alvarez Shielo Mark A. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
24 Amancio Alfredo, Jr. I. Dalaguete NHS
25 Amante Mark Joseph V. Sta. Filomena NHS
26 Amante Oscar Ehran . Sta. Filomena NHS
27 Amar Chris Laurence G. Dalaguete NHS
28 Amarillo Robin . Handumon NHS
29 Amatong Jayson A. Dalaguete NHS
30 Amatril Gilbert T. Dalaguete NHS
31 Amay John Rhexz R. Apas Integrated SHS
32 Ambaras Adolf Anthony M. Alternative Learning System
33 Amit Edgene M. San Remegio NHS
34 Ancla Kurt Richard Greg B. Dalaguete NHS
35 Andrin Jarvie-jie S. Pulpogan NHS
36 Andrin Ranel R. Lambusan NHS
37 Añora Mercelito C. Lubang NHS
38 Añora Noel S. Alternative Learning System
39 Ansay Neil John A. Alcoy NHS
40 Apa John Lloyd N. Guba NHS
41 Apas John Kyle A. Binaliw NHS
42 Apiag Jessie T. Basak Community College
43 Apostol Robert James R. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
44 Apostol Niño John Q. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
45 Apostol Jess Christian Q. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
46 Aquino Hamlet, Jr. C. Dalaguete NHS
47 Arcayan Eric M. Mabini Integrated School
48 Ardiente John Rey C. Lambusan NHS
49 Ardina John Lester C. Guba NHS
50 Ardines John Mark A. Guba NHS
51 Arejola Ryan D. Adlaon NHS
52 Arela Niel L. Lusaran NHS
53 Armenteros Roy Carlo L. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
54 Armero Jomil O. Arcelo Memorial NHS
55 Arnaiz Donemark L. Inayawan NHS
56 Arnion Joselito C. Arcelo Memorial NHS
57 Aro Mark A. Handumon NHS
58 Arong Nilmard L. Arcelo Memorial NHS
59 Arong Niño Kim L. Arcelo Memorial NHS
60 Auguis Eleumar E. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
61 Aulestia Jeson B. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
62 Austria Jay N. Arcelo Memorial NHS
63 Autentico Reomedes, Jr. G. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
64 Avenido John Louie S. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
65 Avenido Juliano, Jr. R. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
66 Ayuda Earl Fritz G. Lambusan NHS
67 Bacalso Joegen P. Alcoy NHS
68 Bacarrisas Alpencito U. San Remegio NHS
69 Badavos Christian Jee C. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
70 Baisac Rafael . Basak Community College
71 Balaba Edward B. Mabini Integrated School
72 Balbarino Mark David T. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
73 Balungcas Randy O. Dalaguete NHS
74 Banico Geilmar Y. San Remegio NHS
75 Banote Francis A. Lusaran NHS
76 Bantoc Jame Mark S. Lambusan NHS
77 Baoy John Ervin M. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
78 Bascon Nathaniel B. Apas Integrated SHS
79 Baterna Brian A. Lambusan NHS
80 Batoctoy John Loi A. Dalaguete NHS
81 Batoctoy Leslie Kent M. Dalaguete NHS
82 Batusin Ronnie S. San Remegio NHS
83 Bautista Carlo Anthony B. Lubang NHS
84 Baya Carlo James A. Canduman NHS
85 Bayno Christian M. Apas Integrated SHS
86 Bayubay Nilo E. Montpeller NHS
87 Bejarasco John Lester A. Apas Integrated SHS
88 Belda Niño Jeanno I. Dalaguete NHS
89 Bendanillo Ray Anthony A. Apas Integrated SHS
90 Benolirao Gary B. Alcoy NHS
91 Bentazal Neil Boy B. Alcoy NHS
92 Bentulan John Kyle D. San Remegio NHS
93 Bertomin Vincent R. Apas Integrated SHS
94 Bertomin Joshua R. Apas Integrated SHS
95 Berva Jumel D. San Remegio NHS
96 Binarao Chrismar . St. Peter Academy of Alegria
97 Bingtan Val Emmanuel B. Paril NHS
98 Binongo Leigh Rovic H. Guba NHS
99 Bolambad Regie Q. Lambusan NHS
100 Bongcalon Jefrey P. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia MHS
101 Boquila Wilfred I. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia MHS
102 Bordadora Jerome A. Adlaon NHS
103 Borres Jey Lord C. Lusaran NHS
104 Borres Jay Vincent C. Lusaran NHS
105 Boyles Ace . Inayawan NHS
106 Bracho Mark Anthony D. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia MHS
107 Briones Shane C. Arcelo Memorial NHS
108 Bunaos Reymark P. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia MHS
109 Butcon Jomart P. Binaliw NHS
110 Cabahug John Keyl G. Arcelo Memorial NHS
111 Cabahug Berny R. Jugan NHS
112 Caballero Mark Kenneth A. Inayawan NHS
113 Cabañez Rio O. University of Cebu – Banilad
114 Cabanlit James Patrick . Dalaguete NHS
115 Cabiso Marlito A. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
116 Cabrera Ryan T. Pulpogan NHS
117 Cabriles Larry . Inayawan NHS
118 Cabriles Alvin S. Inayawan NHS
119 Cadua Sharen G. Guba NHS
120 Café JR P. Mabini Integrated School
121 Cagang Jezrael E. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
122 Caingles John Paul P. Dalaguete NHS
123 Cajes John Paul O. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia MHS
124 Caliguid John Marlon P. Luray II Brgy. High School
125 Calungsad Keinth, Jr. S. Dalaguete NHS
126 Camacho Deither C. Handumon NHS
127 Camacho Randy D. Handumon NHS
128 Camacho Jociel E. Binaliw NHS
129 Canonigo Raymond V. Apas Integrated SHS
130 Capangpangan Philip C. Apas Integrated SHS
131 Capangpangan Enrico . Arcelo Memorial NHS
132 Capangpangan Dlaner Paul . Paril NHS
133 Capistrano Justin Kent . Apas Integrated SHS
134 Capoy Eufemio, IV L. Apas Integrated SHS
135 Carollo Dee Boy H. Montpeller NHS
136 Caruana Genibert B. Dalaguete NHS
137 Carungay Alexander A. Dalaguete NHS
138 Casiban Lyca R. Guba NHS
139 Casinillo Joshua E. San Remegio NHS
140 Casolyla Cae Jay N. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
141 Casolyla Niko C. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
142 Casolyla Mark Spencer C. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
143 Casolyla Johnmike . Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
144 Castañares John Angelo H. Dalaguete NHS
145 Castillo Jhon Rhe G. Dalaguete NHS
146 Castro John Neumann Q. San Remegio NHS
147 Catana Robert Jude V. Apas Integrated SHS
148 Catubay Simplicio, Jr. M. Dalaguete NHS
149 Ceciban Alberto G. Dalaguete NHS
150 Ceciban Aurelio G. Dalaguete NHS
151 Cenita Alferson E. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
152 Ceniza Ronnel Jay E. Lubang NHS
153 Ceniza Jhunnard R. Boljoon NHS
154 Cervantes John Lloyd T. Apas Integrated SHS
155 Cleopas Norman S. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
156 Codener Fritz M. Binaliw NHS
157 Codilla John Carlo C. Apas Integrated SHS
158 Codizar Christian Dave . Paril NHS
159 Cola Carlo L. Paril NHS
160 Comaling Darius A. Paril NHS
161 Concoles James Paul E. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
162 Corbo Virgelio, Jr. J. Lambusan NHS
163 Coronel Joshua Kim C. Alcoy NHS
164 Cortes Charles Kemuel G. Dalaguete NHS
165 Cortuna Rochel M. Lambusan NHS
166 Cortuna Mark Joseph S. San Remegio NHS
167 Cresencio Edmar . Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
168 Cruz Karl Vincent F. Apas Integrated SHS
169 Cruz Karl Niño F. Apas Integrated SHS
170 Cuambot Johnny D. Lambusan NHS
171 Cuambot Joshua Vhille I A. San Remegio NHS
172 Cuambot Joshua Louie A. San Remegio NHS
173 Cuaresma Jun Leo D. Boljoon NHS
174 Cubian Eleazar L. Apas Integrated SHS
175 Cubong Ferdie M. Adlaon NHS
176 Cubong Rejie R. Guba NHS
177 Cuer Michael D. Inayawan NHS
178 Cuico Ralph Wendyll P. Lambusan NHS
179 Cutanda Joselito R. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
180 Cuyos Jose, Jr. A. Lambusan NHS
181 Daño John Renmar J. Jugan NHS
182 Dapar Abundio, Jr. E. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
183 Dayday Gill B. Arcelo Memorial NHS
184 Dayuja John Carl V. Paril NHS
185 Dela Cerna Roboam Jade B. Handumon NHS
186 Dela Cruz Jerald . Apas Integrated SHS
187 Dela Cruz Kevin . Apas Integrated SHS
188 Delao Kenn Carlo A. San Remegio NHS
189 Delposo Aljhun A. Dalaguete NHS
190 Demecillo Jey B. San Remegio NHS
191 Denolan Gabril C. Alcoy NHS
192 Deo Hard Gie A. Sta. Filomena NHS
193 Despi Brian . San Remegio NHS
194 Destrajo Johnny E. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia MHS
195 Devibar Sandy F. Sta. Filomena NHS
196 Devila Joey O. Madridejos NHS
197 Diacoma James Lloyd G. Adlaon NHS
198 Diacoma Christian A. Adlaon NHS
199 Diaz Peterfan F. Madridejos NHS
200 Diaz Kurt Kylyn L. Luray II Brgy. High School
201 Dibdib Christian Rey C. Dalaguete NHS
202 Dicdican Andronico A. Dalaguete NHS
203 Dinoy John Rue C. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
204 Dionson Miller G. Adlaon NHS
205 Ditchon Meliton C. Dalaguete NHS
206 Ditchon Peter John D. Dalaguete NHS
207 Dolera Rey A. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
208 Doncillo Daryll A. Lusaran NHS
209 Doroy Paul Erick L.
210 Dueñas Arjan G. Dalaguete NHS
211 Duran Michael Angelo Q. Apas Integrated SHS
212 Durango John Leo L. Sta. Filomena NHS
213 Eballe Ferlan . Inayawan NHS
214 Edaño Jun L. San Remegio NHS
215 Elicano Christian P. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
216 Eligan Reymark E. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
217 Emblode Jissie A. Basak Community College
218 Enclonar Glicerio, Jr. L. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
219 Endona Jayson G. Madridejos NHS
220 Enjambre Prince John R. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
221 Enrique Socias, Jr. T. Handumon NHS
222 Ensalada Jhon Paul L. Dalaguete NHS
223 Erana Rodel S. Paril NHS
224 Ermac Melvin L. Paril NHS
225 Ermac Chan Mel M. Lusaran NHS
226 Esclamado Jason Patrick B. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
227 Escuadro Jaycie E. Apas Integrated SHS
228 Estoce Jose Augustine C. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
229 Estoy Jay T. Handumon NHS
230 Estrosas Jasper C. Arcelo Memorial NHS
231 Evardo Jamie Q. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
232 Evardo Gil M. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
233 Evardo Mcheljhun C. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
234 Evardo Patrick A. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
235 Evardo Eleno Jose C. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
236 Eyao Ronielo E. Dalaguete NHS
237 Felecio Dave . Alcoy NHS
238 Felicano Jhamin C. San Remegio NHS
239 Felicano Andrian G. San Remegio NHS
240 Ferolino Khent Bryle A. Alcoy NHS
241 Filipino Jaygee Agustine M. Alcoy NHS
242 Fontanar Danniel S. Apas Integrated SHS
243 Furog Albert L. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
244 Furog Aljon L. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
245 Gabato Vic Christian . Alcoy NHS
246 Gabion Ulysses S. Canduman NHS
247 Gabito Tristian Jovein A. Apas Integrated SHS
248 Galo Elmar A. Apas Integrated SHS
249 Gamboa Jamiel N. Alcoy NHS
250 Gapo Kent Kyle Miko L. Arcelo Memorial NHS
251 Garcia John Keith S. Apas Integrated SHS
252 Garcia Franz Harley D. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
253 Gedorio Keem A. Sta. Filomena NHS
254 Gelaga James A. Guba NHS
255 Gemotog Rodmart G. Alcoy NHS
256 Gendrala Christian C. Jugan NHS
257 Geoman Raymond O. Dalaguete NHS
258 Gesta John Francis L. Lambusan NHS
259 Gica Chester John V. Apas Integrated SHS
260 Gilbuena Regie H. San Remegio NHS
261 Gimenez Bien Patrick P. San Remegio NHS
262 Glinogo Mark Anthony Y. Montpeller NHS
263 Glodove Vanne Nicho Frhitz L. Sta. Filomena NHS
264 Goc-ong Jarry A. Guba NHS
265 Golisao French G. San Remegio NHS
266 Gomez Richard Y. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
267 Gomonod JohnLloyd T. Arcelo Memorial NHS
268 Goneda Clint Lumell C. San Remegio NHS
269 Gonida Emer, Jr. L. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
270 Gonzales Jhon Maxwell B. Dalaguete NHS
271 Gordiano Ronald E. Sta. Filomena NHS
272 Gornez Jason L. Madridejos NHS
273 Guardiario Leonardo, Jr. L. Madridejos NHS
274 Gudes Kent Francis M. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
275 Gumera Erwin N. Alcoy NHS
276 Gungob Rimart S. Arcelo Memorial NHS
277 Hawom james Kier D. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
278 Hayag Kent Y. Paril NHS
279 Helardino Jian Je M. Apas Integrated SHS
280 Heredia Bembo Jose Q. Dalaguete NHS
281 Heredia Nathaniel B. Dalaguete NHS
282 Homecillo Jomarie M. Sta. Filomena NHS
283 Hoybia Ranilo, Jr. S. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
284 Hoylar Jhudiel Andrew A. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
285 Hoylar Efren, Jr. . Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
286 Ibañez John Kenneth . Handumon NHS
287 Ibojo Jerick Niño S. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
288 Icot Arjie U. Jugan NHS
289 Igot Jon Mark E. Apas Integrated SHS
290 Ilaya John Paul C. Handumon NHS
291 Ilustrisimo Jelmar G. San Remegio NHS
292 Imperial Noerell C. Apas Integrated SHS
293 Inagon Eve John M. Lusaran NHS
294 Indig Jushtine S. Dalaguete NHS
295 Inot Jemille O. Arcelo Memorial NHS
296 Jabagat Marwil Jan P. Dalaguete NHS
297 Jadlocon Paul Dream . Apas Integrated SHS
298 Jadraque Jun Carlo B. Pulpogan NHS
299 Jadraque Joseph L. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
300 Janeo Rolen P. Binaliw NHS
301 Javier Vincent A. Handumon NHS
302 Javierto Leo . Madridejos NHS
303 Jayme Jovany C. Mabini Integrated School
304 Jayme Kevin Lee R. Luray II Brgy. High School
305 Jayvee Solasco . Inayawan NHS
306 Jocotmaya Andrie Kyle B. Lusaran NHS
307 Jocotmaya Francis Ghael V. Lusaran NHS
308 Jumola Kris J. Apas Integrated SHS
309 Juros Jan Welson M. Arcelo Memorial NHS
310 Katindig Kent Gabriel H. St. Joseph Academy
311 Kilaton Wilky A. Basak Community College
312 Kilongkilong Jessriel Jojie F. Dalaguete NHS
313 Labitan Dommel C. Basak Community College
314 Lapasigue Ritchie M. Luray II Brgy. High School
315 Larita Lucito F. Arcelo Memorial NHS
316 Lastimoso Jorey D. Madridejos NHS
317 Lastimoso Brando, Jr. T. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
318 Lati Christian Paul B. San Remegio NHS
319 Latras Aika M. Apas Integrated SHS
320 Laurea Reymarth G. Paril NHS
321 Lavarez Jeremy G. Guba NHS
322 Lawas Ruben P. Adlaon NHS
323 Ledasama Vince Chloyd . San Remegio NHS
324 Legaspi Jhon Vince A. Dalaguete NHS
325 Legaspi Kryss John B. Dalaguete NHS
326 Legaspi Fenzy Val Eloise L. Dalaguete NHS
327 Lelis Dinjie M. Arcelo Memorial NHS
328 Lenares Jez Reel . Dalaguete NHS
329 Lendio Andrew M. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
330 Lendio Ronald M. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
331 Libradilla Randy James S. Apas Integrated SHS
332 Libradilla Louie A. Montpeller NHS
333 Libradilla Kevin L. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
334 Librado Jovanie L. Luray II Brgy. High School
335 Librando Ralph S. Dalaguete NHS
336 Libron Jevane D. Sta. Filomena NHS
337 Licanda Niel Brian N. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
338 Llaguno Jonathan . Binaliw NHS
339 Lobedica Junil T. Handumon NHS
340 Lobrino Christian Angelo F. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
341 Lobrino John Gerald S. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
342 Lodovice Danny A. Madridejos NHS
343 Lopez Jeorge Vincent P. Binaliw NHS
344 Luchavez Harvy Q. Inayawan NHS
345 Lugod Ronn Allex A. Lubang NHS
346 Lumantao Dale Patrick M. Arcelo Memorial NHS
347 Lumbao Junley Rey G. Luray II Brgy. High School
348 Lutao Karl Vincent M. Arcelo Memorial NHS
349 Mabulac Neilson M. Basak Community College
350 Macachor Francis Niño L. Jugan NHS
351 Magdadaro Dave Winkler C. San Remegio NHS
352 Maglasang Zyrey Dave I. Arcelo Memorial NHS
353 Maglasang Kentrone T. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
354 Maglasang Junie P. Lambusan NHS
355 Maglasang Jernel C. Jugan NHS
356 Maglinte Jomel M. Arcelo Memorial NHS
357 Magno Josua S. Adlaon NHS
358 Mahinay Jerome B. Arcelo Memorial NHS
359 Makan Josebert S. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
360 Manaba Nicko . Sta. Filomena NHS
361 Mancao Jomari H. San Remegio NHS
362 Mandal Lorenzo . San Remegio NHS
363 Manila Marneil A. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
364 Manlangit Eilgen C. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
365 Manolong Mark Jason V. Arcelo Memorial NHS
366 Mansueto Jomarie G. Basak Community College
367 Manzo Judenies R. Lambusan NHS
368 Marañon Jonathan R. Dalaguete NHS
369 Marsonia Reniel John A. Handumon NHS
370 Marvin Isaac . Inayawan NHS
371 Mata Lonel P. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia MHS
372 Matidios Michael Ryan A. Adlaon NHS
373 Meca Kranz Che C. STEC Danao City
374 Medellada James Ibrajim R. Alcoy NHS
375 Medrano Paul Vincent A. Arcelo Memorial NHS
376 Mejasco Adrian G. Handumon NHS
377 Mejasco Julius T. Handumon NHS
378 Mejellano Aldwin Jake B. Alcoy NHS
379 Mercado John Rey I. Dalaguete NHS
380 Miasco Christian Larry E. Canduman NHS
381 Mier Marvel Ritchie . Apas Integrated SHS
382 Mira Mark Kenny M. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
383 Mojado Jurnel G. Arcelo Memorial NHS
384 Moldez Joey P. Apas Integrated SHS
385 Molina Francisco M. Dalaguete NHS
386 Monceda Jarred Joseph A. Dalaguete NHS
387 Monden Raymon N. Arcelo Memorial NHS
388 Moneva Kevin Christian S. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
389 Monsales Ricmark C. Lambusan NHS
390 Montaldo John Carlo V. Dalaguete NHS
391 Montebon John Paul . Pulpogan NHS
392 Montes John Lester E. Alcoy NHS
393 Mosqueda Marc Clinton M. Alcoy NHS
394 Negrido Danrey T. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
395 Nepomuceno Jheet Marven L. Dalaguete NHS
396 Nogalada Edgardo, Jr. S. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia MHS
397 Noval Rain Francis L. Arcelo Memorial NHS
398 Ocampo Raphey Jenn F. Alcoy NHS
399 Olivar Jebb E. San Remegio NHS
400 Omamalin Reylan B. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia MHS
401 Oporto Paul Christian O. Guba NHS
402 Oporto Laurrence Khin B. Guba NHS
403 Opuran Jose Justine M. Luray II Brgy. High School
404 Oracion Griffin A. Guba NHS
405 Oropesa Sherwin L. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
406 Ortega Lloyd Y. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
407 Ortega Ronilo C. Lambusan NHS
408 Osa Gerald R. San Remegio NHS
409 Osabel Rolyns C. San Remegio NHS
410 Otara Temistocles, Jr. M. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
411 Otarra Nakki . Handumon NHS
412 Otida Mel Carlo . Pulpogan NHS
413 Pacoy Eleazar C. Alcoy NHS
414 Pactores Carl John D. AMA Computer Learning Center
415 Paderna Junnel R. Handumon NHS
416 Padillo Ramcis G. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
417 Pahayahay John Michael L. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
418 Palamine Philip, II Y. Sta. Filomena NHS
419 Palauma Perlans D. San Remegio NHS
420 Panal Jakan Kin M. Arcelo Memorial NHS
421 Panizal Algen L. Basak Community College
422 Panugaling Alpher A. Inayawan NHS
423 Panugaling Albert A. Inayawan NHS
424 Pasay Mark Angelo P. Lusaran NHS
425 Pasilang Gerard G. Paril NHS
426 Patindol Richard M. Basak Community College
427 Patriarca Jun Jewel Rye G. Sta. Filomena NHS
428 Patriarca John Patrick Y. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
429 Pepino Jericho . Inayawan NHS
430 Pepito Christler T. Mabini Integrated School
431 Perilla Rhomar D. Inayawan NHS
432 Pestano Jesus CJ S. San Remegio NHS
433 Petallar Angelo C. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
434 Piolen Leslie I. Alcoy NHS
435 Pitogo John S. Paril NHS
436 Pogoy James Deo L. Alcoy NHS
437 Polestico Marc Leo A. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia MHS
438 Polo Eljay . Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
439 Polot Rolyn B. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia MHS
440 Ponce Jirk C. Dalaguete NHS
441 Ponce Mark N. Lambusan NHS
442 Pones Jay M. San Remegio NHS
443 Ponsica Ariel N. Canduman NHS
444 Pontanar Ryan O. Apas Integrated SHS
445 Pucot Dendon G. Arcelo Memorial NHS
446 Pusod Jayson C. Basak Community College
447 Quevedo Jerwin C. Dalaguete NHS
448 Quimno Michael Vincent G. Arcelo Memorial NHS
449 Quimson Chrisbrian A. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
450 Quimson Mark John . Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
451 Quinatadcan Kenz Abel R. San Remegio NHS
452 Quiño Christof Dale . Adlaon NHS
453 Quiroy Junril C. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
454 Rabadon Jamer C. San Remegio NHS
455 Rabi John Gideon A. Luray II Brgy. High School
456 Ramos Agapito, Jr. A. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
457 Reaño Bert R. Jugan NHS
458 Redelosa Reynante M. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
459 Redira Marlon B. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
460 Redula Christ Joseph C. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
461 Regasajo Rafael M. Guba NHS
462 Relatorres Richard P. Inayawan NHS
463 Rellosa Jessie James G. Labogon NHS
464 Requiña Roel A. Dalaguete NHS
465 Resuelo Rushlie Jade G. San Remegio NHS
466 Reynante Roel Q. Arcelo Memorial NHS
467 Ricafort Kester Garreil I. Arcelo Memorial NHS
468 Rilloraza Jay Rivan G. Dalaguete NHS
469 Riveral Ronald R. San Remegio NHS
470 Robles Jesrel L. Madridejos NHS
471 Roblon Vincent Rey D. Alcoy NHS
472 Ronquillo Kint Cyril B. Adlaon NHS
473 Rosales John Loyd L. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
474 Rosales Francis L. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
475 Rosendal Romeo, Jr. M. Arcelo Memorial NHS
476 Rota Chieno L. Guba NHS
477 Ruta Argel B. Guba NHS
478 Sabal Diosmar J. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
479 Sabejon Jay O. Basak Community College
480 Sacare Christian Lloyd . Canduman NHS
481 Sahurda Edrian D. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
482 Salado Mark Jerome R. San Remegio NHS
483 Salado Joshua R. San Remegio NHS
484 Salera Saimon Francis E. Sta. Filomena NHS
485 Salise Dave G. Apas Integrated SHS
486 Sampan Ryan M. Pulpogan NHS
487 Santiago Sheldon V. Apas Integrated SHS
488 Santiago Regaldo C. Basak Community College
489 Sarabia John Paul S. Inayawan NHS
490 Sausa Edlen RJ L. Sta. Filomena NHS
491 Sayud Gerald Michael P. San Remegio NHS
492 Sebial Naomic F. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
493 Sebial Jaynard D. Jugan NHS
494 Sedenio Daveer N. Luray II Brgy. High School
495 Senining Ruben, Jr. A. San Remegio NHS
496 Sepio John Royce V. Inayawan NHS
497 Sereño John Arnel A. Dalaguete NHS
498 Simbajon Carlito, Jr. A. Canduman NHS
499 Sinadjan John Fritz . Arcelo Memorial NHS
500 Sinadjan Carl Jake H. San Remegio NHS
501 Sinadjan Kenth M. San Remegio NHS
502 Sinajonon Arnel O. Lambusan NHS
503 Sinangote Eljon D. San Remegio NHS
504 Singuran Eve B. San Remegio NHS
505 Sinilong Alex, Jr. S. San Remegio NHS
506 Sinoy Elmar D. Lambusan NHS
507 Sintos John Carl U. Lambusan NHS
508 Sobrio Neil Bryan P. Canduman NHS
509 Son Adonis . Apas Integrated SHS
510 Sorela Jay A. Guba NHS
511 Subay Robert Y. Arcelo Memorial NHS
512 Sumayo Joshua B. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
513 Sumbi Reymar M. San Remegio NHS
514 Sundo Charlie Y. Canduman NHS
515 Suquib Jeff Juryl C. Guba NHS
516 Surban Neil Maynard A. University of Cebu – Banilad
517 Suson Jowie M. Mabini Integrated School
518 Taborada Russell B. Apas Integrated SHS
519 Tadle Norman M. Mayor Catalino Y. Casolyla MHS
520 Tampus John Clifford B. Apas Integrated SHS
521 Tano Jhon Aries B. Boljoon NHS
522 Taño Adamcres B. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia MHS
523 Tanutan Francis Noel P. University of Cebu – L&M
524 Teaño Edvenido G. San Remegio NHS
525 Terana Noel M. San Remegio NHS
526 Timonan Alejandro A. Apas Integrated SHS
527 Tolentino Alro C. San Remegio NHS
528 Tomarong Gerald M. Lubang NHS
529 Torotoro Arthur James L. Madridejos NHS
530 Torrefiel Jecnie C. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
531 Torrefiel John Paul . Handumon NHS
532 Torregosa John Lloyd T. Handumon NHS
533 Torrejas Joey . Inayawan NHS
534 Torrejos Glenn C. Handumon NHS
535 Torremocha Jeremy A. Handumon NHS
536 Torremocha Reymart T. Handumon NHS
537 Torremocha Marvin P. Handumon NHS
538 Torrenueva Nathaniel A. Buenavista Community College
539 Torres Marjun A. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
540 Tortogo Mike D. Canduman NHS
541 Tubigon Richmond E. San Remegio NHS
542 Tudtud John Kyle G. Pulpogan NHS
543 Tudtud Noe S. Adlaon NHS
544 Tugbong Joseph Brian D. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
545 Tumayao Rinaldo T. Mabini Integrated School
546 Tuñacao Nathaniel O. Arcelo Memorial NHS
547 Turado Melvin G. Montpeller NHS
548 Ulgasan Jason G. Apas Integrated SHS
549 Ursal Jerald D. San Remegio NHS
550 Ursal Redgie Mark R. San Remegio NHS
551 Vallaso Noel B. Alcoy NHS
552 Valmoria Jonard M. Pres. Carlos P. Garcia TVSFA
553 Velasco Joviel S. Guba NHS
554 Veloso Lochin Var J. Jugan NHS
555 Velvestre John Kent D. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
556 Vicente Emmanuel M. Handumon NHS
557 Villamor Romanito, Jr. T. Lambusan NHS
558 Villanueva Alpichi T. Handumon NHS
559 Villanueva Jayvee T. Luray II Brgy. High School
560 Villar Keith Jonathan M. Boljoon NHS
561 Villarubia Cresencio L. Montpeller NHS
562 Villegas Jeramil . Lambusan NHS
563 Viter Fernand S. Lubang NHS
564 Wagas Segundino, Jr. B. Lusaran NHS
565 Yabana Reynard S. Arcelo Memorial NHS
566 Yap Regin C. Dalaguete NHS
567 Ycot Charles Earl Lyric . San Remegio NHS
568 Yguinto Alvin S. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
569 Ynot Reyian King R. San Remegio NHS
570 Yong Albert . Montpeller NHS
571 Yong Jonas J. St. Peter Academy of Alegria
572 Yongzon Sherwin Jules H. San Remegio NHS
573 Yu Carls Dave S. Pulpogan NHS
574 Zanora Justine Rey A. Adlaon NHS
575 Zanoria Jason Jim C. Canduman NHS
576 Zapatos John Ken P. Jugan NHS
577 Ano-os Mark Laurence F. Subangdaku Technical VS
578 Barda Garnet I. Subangdaku Technical VS
579 Cabatingan Lucy Maricar . Subangdaku Technical VS
580 Claros Jervy C. Subangdaku Technical VS
581 Colina Niño Miguel  G. Subangdaku Technical VS
582 Gonzaga Jerry Con D. Subangdaku Technical VS
583 Leones Dave Ryan Paul A. Subangdaku Technical VS
584 Maramara Alvin A. Subangdaku Technical VS
585 Nicor Fort Kazou B. Subangdaku Technical VS
586 Paler John Michael O. Subangdaku Technical VS
587 Abuhan Ivan Jay E. Buanoy NHS
588 Atez James Albetr D. Canduman NHS
589 Canonigo John Neilzen L. Buanoy NHS
590 Cortes Casimero, III E. Canduman NHS
591 Dayon Dan Gabriel D. University of Cebu – L&M
592 Densing Jade Z. Tingub NHS
593 Descartin Marlo M. Buanoy NHS
594 Galorio Gabriel Mariae . Canduman NHS
595 Inoc Mark Kennith A. Tolotolo NHS
596 Isulat Emmanuel G. College of Technological Sciences Cebu
597 Manoriña Chad P. Canduman NHS
598 Seno Mark Anthony . Canduman NHS
599 Aliguno Ritchard Harry L. Jagobiao NHS
600 Babia Jhon Joseph L. Jagobiao NHS
601 Balansag Krimar . Jagobiao NHS
602 Bonjoc Arl N. Jagobiao NHS
603 De la Torre John Fritz L. Jagobiao NHS
604 Desamparado Camille Gay A. Jagobiao NHS
605 Duhaylungsod Karl Anthony B. Jagobiao NHS
606 Fabroa Jan Louie L. Jagobiao NHS
607 Gracia Danielle Y. Jagobiao NHS
608 Magalso Denmark . Jagobiao NHS
609 Miranda Jay P. Jagobiao NHS
610 Oliva John Joseph C. Jagobiao NHS
611 Ricablanca Khent E. Jagobiao NHS
612 Sajol John Mark M. Jagobiao NHS
613 Bondon Kim . Tingub NHS
614 Canuday Joel C. Tingub NHS
615 Empinado Khai Ron Jay . Tingub NHS
616 Himpiso Randel B. Tingub NHS
617 Inagong Reymark L. Tingub NHS
618 Incipido Reycel J. Tingub NHS
619 Limpio Alfredo M. Tingub NHS
620 Mayor Daniel L. Tingub NHS
621 Mendoza Elton A. Tingub NHS
622 Rudas John Michael B. Tingub NHS
623 Sanchez Johndell C. Tingub NHS
624 Sultones Jerwyn C. Tingub NHS
625 Zanoria Randy . Tingub NHS
626 Antugos Reymart . Pit-os NHS
627 Bacalso John Bill G. Pit-os NHS
628 Batistic Joshua D. Pit-os NHS
629 Brion Ryan . Pit-os NHS
630 Buenbrazo Kierley N. Pit-os NHS
631 Codaste Jeorgiemerl D. Pit-os NHS
632 Famador Jerald S. Pit-os NHS
633 Golosino Jahn Drake Ched P. Pit-os NHS
634 Salabie Jericho O. Pit-os NHS
635 Sangilan Jeramh M. Pit-os NHS
636 Alquizar Denzel . Tayud NHS
637 Auman Dexter L. Tayud NHS
638 Caday Evander, II B. Tayud NHS
639 Caraballe Charls T. Tayud NHS
640 Diana Junery M. Tayud NHS
641 Doña Joshua R. Tayud NHS
642 Gulbin GV Nicfo C. Tayud NHS
643 Inanud Edmar P. Tayud NHS
644 Jaganas Jerryme B. Tayud NHS
645 Judaya Jay A. Tayud NHS
646 Labapis John Christian I. Tayud NHS
647 Maquilan Norman D. Tayud NHS
648 Menguito Kevin L. Tayud NHS
649 Miao Al Junne F. Tayud NHS
650 Panoncial Joseph P. Tayud NHS
651 Pasco Raymundo . Tayud NHS
652 Peñaflor Christopher F. Tayud NHS
653 Pepito Sidrick M. Tayud NHS
654 Quinapondan Mikko I. Tayud NHS
655 Ruiz Aljo M. Tayud NHS
656 Suya Mark Ivan G. Tayud NHS
657 Torrino Vince Louie A. Tayud NHS
658 Tudtud LJ Vincent S. Tayud NHS
659 Wasquin Rakem S. Tayud NHS
660 Alisna Anion John C. Mandaue City Science High School
661 Avila Ace Racel G. Mandaue City Science High School
662 Bernasibo Daniel Clyde R. Mandaue City Science High School
663 Cesa Hans Adey P. Mandaue City Science High School
664 Dinglasa Clark P. Mandaue City Science High School
665 Gesapine Jaye P. Mandaue City Science High School
666 Jorge Ronnie S. Mandaue City Science High School
667 Maratas Louie Martin C. Mandaue City Science High School
668 Mayol Zakk Yngwie T. Mandaue City Science High School
669 Perilla Jared Miguel A. Mandaue City Science High School
670 Yamada Junsaku E. Mandaue City Science High School
671 Ylaya Adrienne Joseph M. Mandaue City Science High School
672 Abdul Romil A. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
673 Amad Gadwin L. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
674 Andong Mark Anthony B. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
675 Bacalla Alfredo III . Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
676 Cabuguas Andrie Timothy R. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
677 Campaña Hubert O. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
678 Dalumpines Matthew G. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
679 Daomani Darwin P. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
680 Esdrelon Kevin Christian G. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
681 Facturan Jogert T. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
682 Gemperoso Marlon, Jr. Y. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
683 Hera Remark M. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
684 Heredia Marcelo M. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
685 Jandayan Milloner S. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
686 Macario Ryan D. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
687 Ogabang Dennis Roger B. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
688 Ompad John Paul A. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
689 Padillo Arjie G. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
690 Padillo Mark Anthony . Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
691 Palalon Raffy E. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
692 Rivera Jean Claude C. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
693 Suasol Christian Ray C. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
694 Sumangdan James I. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
695 Tampos Klient Christian M. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
696 Vitor John Gabriel B. Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong MNHS
697 Aguilar Leo John P. Abellana National School
698 Alvia Prince Ahl A. Abellana National School
699 Belanezo James Bryle M. Abellana National School
700 Cabigas Kervin James R. Abellana National School
701 Casion Edryl D. Abellana National School
702 Duragos Japeth Jasper V. Abellana National School
703 Lauron Marlou R. Abellana National School
704 Mancao Lourienze Louis B. Abellana National School
705 Mandawe Harvey N. Abellana National School
706 Mante Marcel L. Abellana National School
707 Matildo Gian Carlo S. Abellana National School
708 Navpan Allenel C. Abellana National School
709 Pulgo Gilbert Rey C. Abellana National School
710 Ramones Joe Mar C. Abellana National School
711 Santisas Jeford A. Abellana National School
712 Servise Cristian Jade S. Abellana National School
713 Vergara Staniel Y. Abellana National School
714 Ybiernas Avram Cales C. Abellana National School
715 Zamora Marc Roland D. Abellana National School
716 Bihag Clint Renan M. University of Cebu – L&M
717 Bontia Kane . Laray NHS
718 Espina Enrico C. Cebu Institute of Technology – University
719 Tibon Patrick . Consolacion NHS
720 Capul Cris B. Mandaue City Comprehensive NHS
721 Delos Santos Sebastian . Don Carlos A. Gothong NHS
722 Dungog Justin A. Holy Rosary School of Pardo
723 Limotan Lenon S. University of Cebu – Banilad
724 Ponce Lan Mark M. Agsungot NHS
725 Saldua Francisco A. Badian NHS
726 Tacsan Miecko G. University of the Visayas – Dalaguete
727 Tan Bismark M. Benedicto College
728 Vallespin Laddy, Jr. M. RMDSF – STEC

Campus Roundup: Mining Top Execs Visit CITE, Budding Thespians Undergo Theater Arts, Young Mentors Attend Seminar, Staff Attends Digital Addiction Seminar, etc.

Mining Top Executives Visit CITE

CITE Technical Institute, Inc. is in talks with top executives from Apex Mining Co., Inc. (AMCI) to strengthen our capability in tech-voc program and engage in future scholarship programs.

During the visit on March 12, Senior EVP & COO Luis R. Sarmiento and SVP for Corporate Operations Gil Marvilla met the management staff to discuss how both organizations can achieve goals in their social commitment to uplift the lives of the people residing in the host and nearby communities.

AMCI has become a catalyst for community development through its various Social Development Management Plan (SDMP) activities and environmental protection programs in Compostela Valley.

AMCI operates the Maco Gold Mine located in Masara, Maco, Compostela Valley, Southern Mindanao.

Budding Thespians Undergo Theater Arts Workshop

School is almost out and it’s showtime!

Members of the Dramatics Ensemble from 2B-Electrical Technology class underwent the second leg of integrated arts workshop on March 9.

The workshop prepares budding thespians for the fifth staging of Paul Dumol’s original one-act play called “Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio” on March 27 and 29.

CITE alumnus and UC-trained stage actor Philip Bernardo Ogang coached and critiqued the performance of the participants.

During the workshops, participants had the opportunity to practice and learn new drama techniques from through a unique integrated theater arts approach.

The approach blends the different disciplines in theater including creative drama and body movement. The 2-day workshop provided an avenue for participants to express themselves fully and to boost their confidence.

Young Mentors Hold Seminar 

The 3rd session for members of Young Mentors Club on March 9 let the participants immerse in rich activity experiences that are aligned to children’s nature.

This approach developed by Montessori schools uses an elaborate self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.

This includes using instructional tools that are tactile in nature and age-appropriate.

Young mentors were encouraged to use variations to increase proficiency among children in counting and reading through sensory explorations.

The training was facilitated by San Jose Day Care mentor Mrs. Editha Erana, who is a CITE parent.

Staff Attends Digital Addiction Seminar

Do people become addicted to technology? Its explosion in the recent decades has been significant and has affected lives in many ways.

To help us better understand this phenomenon, members of the Committee on Student Development Fernando Arendain and Brendon Baclaan attended a seminar on Strategies for Prevention and Helping Intervention on March 11 and 12 at Rajah Park Hotel.

The workshop offered in-depth information, strategies, and hands-on activities for helping people to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the issues related to technology over-use and tools for implementing changes in technology habits.

DIET Campaign Kicks Off

Campaigners led by Engr. Neil Agbay and Mr. Armand Manatad are northbound making rounds in public schools to promote the 3-year diploma in Engineering Technology program to senior high school graduates.

Among the schools visited on March 7-8 are San Remigio NHS, Lambusan NHS, Kamingawan Integrated School, and Luyang Integrated School. Campaigns and exams were also held at the City of Bogo Science and Arts Academy and Odlot NHS.

Another group led by Mr. Romero Enoc introduced the new DIET program to senior high graduates in Adlawon NHS, Lusaran NHS, Paril NHS and Mabini Integrated School.

Campus Roundup: Blood Donation, Company Exam, Scholarship Grant


CITE supports the Department of Health’s intensified advocacy on voluntary blood donation to provide safe blood supply thus sustaining its adequacy and accessibility. Strengthened by the Republic Act 7719, also known as the National Blood Services Act of 1994, millions of lives are saved despite DOH’s continuing challenge to recruit voluntary blood donors.

This year, CITE drew 45 blood donors from different year levels in a bloodletting activity held February 22, 2019. About 450 milliliters were extracted from the donors. DOH has set the goal to collect 1 million blood units annually to meet the demands for blood transfusion among patients. Nurse Franklin Fernandez gave the orientation on blood donation on February 21.


Forty-five alumni out of 97 passed the qualifying exam given by San Miguel Brewery on February 22. The exam aims to fill different job positions for expansion of San Miguel in Davao. Noewen Galang , HR assistant of SMB-Davao and Jessa Dungog of SMB  Mandaue administered the exam to the applicants.


The DIET campaign committee, headed by Mr. Michael Mingo, is in full swing of the campaign for the Diploma in Engineering Technology. The campus tour on February 28 drew senior high school graduates from different public high school who may be interested to become technologists through our 3-year level 5 program. Schools visited Arcelo Memorial High School and Pulpogan National High School were visited.


The first batch of CITE graduates has raised a perpetual grant for CITE students who are taking up the diploma in engineering technology program. Mark Selisana represented the Aces during the February 14 signing of the memorandum of agreement with Development Office Unit Director Peter Millan.

CITE Marks 29th Foundation Day Anniversary

February 14 marks a special milestone each year, when we show our gratitude for the commitment and dedication demonstrated by those who helped establish our school.

With their vision, thousands of less privileged youth in the Visayas and Mindanao have received quality education through CITE programs.

Without Blessed Alvaro del Portillo’s vision, students belonging to the lower income status of the society would not have had the opportunity to better their lives.

This year, celebrations were an exciting opportunity for staff and students to reflect on the growth of the school over the last 29 years and a promising future ahead.

This year’s theme is “Promoting Tech-voc Program” highlighted with the Feast of Our Lady of Fair Love on February 14, interschool competitions in Computer System Servicing, Visual Arts, Pop Dance, and Quiz Bowl on February 15.

Students also pitted against one another in the Mechatronics, EPAS (Electronic Products Assembly Servicing), and Machining Skills Olympics, Catequiz, and board games. The event drew some nine public and private schools in selected events which included Cabancalan National High School, Jagobiao National High School, Tipolo National High School, Canduman National High School, Consolacion National High School, Talamban National High School, Cabangahan National High School, and Inayawan Night High School.

An invitational basketball match between varsity players from San Isidro Parish School and Sky Basketball players capped the event.

List of Winners

Fun Run
Champion – Ken Harold Sadili
2nd place – Joemarie Jugalbot
3rd place – Marniel Ardiente

Inter-school Poster Making Contest
Champion – Talamban National High School
2nd place –  Consolacion National High School

3rd place –  Canduman National High School

Skills Olympics – Machining 

Champion – Wilbert Sanchez
2nd place – Sean Fritz Letigio
3rd place – Daniel Flores

Interschool CSS Competition
Champion –  Lemar Escomo (CITE)
2nd place  –  Clark Subing-subing (CITE)
3rd place  –   Carl Ashley Planas (Cabancalan National High School)

Electronics Competition
Champion – Ricardo Jose Saquilabon
2nd place – Kent Ryan Tabon
3rd place – Jereco Gonzaga

Interschool Quiz Bowl

Champion – Talamban National High School

2nd place – Jagobiao National High School