Top 10 Students Revealed!

CITE had a packed house during the Family Day on December 16, 2017 as it recognized a score of Grade 11 senior high school students who excelled in their academics in the first semester of school year 2017-2018.  With Electrical Engineering Technology student Rejie Conchas topping the honor roll, performing students are getting their hopes up about reaching better general weighted average for the next awarding rites. Congratulations boys!

1 Tubin, Shandave G.
2 Andrino, James Carl B.
3 Gimena, Roy Vincent M.
4 Marayan, Johnston Dheves M.
5 Bonghanoy, Louise Adrian V.
6 Monceda, John Carlo P.
7 Malazarte, Marjun
8 Ponting, Gary F.
9 Elarcosa,  Jemuel J.
10 Ugsang,  Nielmark A.

1 Oybenes, Jude R.
2 Ngojo,  Jomar B.
3 Naranjo,  Aprilboy S.
4 Pantilgan,  Ranzel O.
5 Jacinto,  Reyjan
6 Sedantes,  Tom James S.
7 Genodiala,  Jay H.
8 Alagao,  Mark Loid Q.
9 Gepitulan,  Mike Joseph
10 Pepito,  Jufie S.

1 Mondares,  Melvin P.
2 Palomar,  Jr. Rene R.
3 Evangelista, Reaven Roov S.
4 Pastoriza,  Graham Lou P.
5 Albeos,  Job B.
6 Arcillo,  Keith Christiane A.
7 Arcenal,  John Fred B.
8 Odiong,  Orlando
9 Butanas,  Neilwin D.
Lacosta,  Jan Niño C.
10 Cajes,  Elmer A.

1 Barachina,  Jonas T.
2 Patac,  Jay Ruel M.
3 Etac,  Earl Ivan L.
4 Monares,  Steven Jack A.
5 Arpon,  John Lester B.
6 Cerona,  Franklin B.
7 Anore,  Mark Jennel
8 Rasonabe,  Niño Jay C.
9 Bandiala,  Jupit C.
10 Boral,  Kyle T.

1 Conchas,  Rejie B.
2 Plaza,  John Lloyd T.
3 Cadeon,  Mark Alfred E.
4 Arias,  Kian Mathhew S.
5 Rosaceña,  Jerry P.
6 Velasquez,  CJ P.
7 Bordadora,  John Vie P.
8 Baguio,  Argel B.
9 Rubio,  France Ivan D.
10 Babatuan,  Rael R.

1 Delfin,  Vince Augustine J.
2 Tangpos,  Jay Ryan B.
3 Gamboa,  Alfonso N.
4 Uy,  Jeven C.
5 Roque,  Bary Je
6 Pamisa,  Glen Mark F.
7 Garcia,  Vincent T.
8 Gulfan,  Jehu Jezreel B.
9 Rabasano,  Jessie L.
10 Racho, Jr. Alan M.

1 Leopardas,  Cyrille Dave H.
2 Otto,  Francis Cyrille B.
3 Tango-an,  Angelou S.
4 Briones,  Jan Calvin M.
5 Roca,  Arjy L.
6 Borres,  Ramie Jr. A.
7 Enriquez,  Ivan Clyde S.
8 Cabingatan,  Christian A.
9 Bensing, Jr. Julito G.
10 Arellano,  Earl john G.

1 Calvez,  Lynard B.
2 Bontog, Glen Mark P.
3 Limjap, Stephen Dave Q.
4 Dela Cerna,  John Lemuel N.
5 Mahinay,  Earold V.
6 Bihag, Ronnel T.
7 Gines,  Sam Lloyd E.
8 Anoos,  Jhon Paul P.
9 Obleanda,  Jeremiah C.
10 Lumbra,  Jhomer A.

1 Gubalane,  Joshua Lester B.
2 Nacor,  Clint
3 Ybañez,  Carl Deven C.
4 Obenieta,  Rosetom
5 Laxamana,  Venz Marc P.
6 Andulana,  Rhyan Jhon C.
7 Limotan,  Khryss J.
8 Balmadres,  Villyjon Y.
9 Gopio,  Joshua C.
10 Servano,  Jan Kenneth P.

1 Almonicar,  Lloyd C.
2 Balagtas,  Mac Dylan Philippe M.
3 Encina,  Romel A.
4 Balicuatro,  Lyndon Steve M.
5 Ceniza,  Bailon B.
6 Leyson,  Carl Denver M.
7 Rosell,  Mark Rian A.
8 Escovilla,  Niño Nico V.
9 Gerebese,  Clyde R.
10 Cheng,  Wilmar C.
Tariman,  John Philip A.

1 Balagtas,  Niño Angelo U.
2 Caracas,  Norven Ephraim C.
3 Antolijao,  Jhon Paul B.
4 Optana,  Jester C.
5 Seno,  Dwight T.
6 Manlangit,  Jason Rey A.
7 Cordova,  Jerico V.
8 Arañas,  Miles Vincent T.
9 Montajes, Jr. Jerry C.
10 Paran,  Knaven Jade B.

1 Duterte, Kent J.
2 Casas,  Mark Kevin C.
3 Getarollas,  Romulo B.
4 Cabuenas, Darene G.
5 Avila, Relmar M.
6 Lobrino, Jatmond John P.
7 Forsuelo, Patric Job S.
8 Antig,  Jayvee B.
9 Cardona,  Jhess Cristian L.
10 Tacod,  Ron Louis O.

CITE Marks 34th Graduation Rites

_DSC0280The Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise marked its 34th Commencement Exercises on November 25, 2017 at CITE gymnasium.

A total of 115 graduates of the Industrial Technician Program with specialization in Electromechanics Technology received their diplomas from CITE Board in a simple ceremony.


The ceremony paved away for academic and non-academic awardees such as:

Service Awardees (for class officers):


Perfect Attendance Awardees:

2. FERMIN Bonghanoy LEONA

Exemplary Behavior Awardees:

3. FERMIN Bonghanoy LEONA

Best in Technology Awardees (students with excellent grades in their technology subjects):


CITE also awarded a special citation and medal to EM graduate Ramil Pansoy for his achievement as winner of TESDA’s Skills Olympics in the trade of Mechatronics in the division level and for advancing to the zonal level of competition on December 9.

Another  graduate, Mark Calibugar, was awarded for obtaining a GWA of 1.5 or better in one or two trimesters but with General Weighted Average of lower than 1.5 in one or two trimesters during the entire ITP.


In his opening remarks, Student Formation Officer Mariano Francis Xavier Hamoy praised the class of November 2017 for their accomplishments, urging those in attendance to use the power of technology for a great purpose and to be game-changers.


In his address to students, academic awardee John Oliver Booc urged the graduates to cultivate their gifts and find their inner voice. He also reminded the graduates to use their education not just for survival but for success.


CITE parent Mrs. Modesta Estillore, who gave the speech on behalf of the parents, stressed the importance of work, piety, and service to the graduates as they leave the portals of the school. She also encouraged the parents to continue guiding their sons in their life pursuits.


Electronics Technology graduate Joeriz Soroño was invited to speak before the graduates. Soroño is a test engineer in Teradyne with vast experience and varied training here and abroad. In his message, he spoke of his own five principles which he continues to live by.

1. Work has a divine origin – a gift from God that will give one a new perspective.

2. Breaking new grounds everyday. The graduates were asked to think of ways and means to carry out the excitement of their work.

3. Self discipline.

4. Never settling too soon by spending more quality time on the essentials. He quoted Mother Theresa with “A life not lived for others is not a life.”

5. Maintain balance by working with utmost dedication during working hours and enjoying a good life outside through a stress-relieving hobby.  ⊕

CITE Marks 33rd Graduation Rites

cmencemntThe Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise marked its 33rd Commencement Exercises on November 24, 2017 at CITE gymnasium.

A total of 122 graduates of the Industrial Technician Program (ITP) received their diplomas from CITE Board in a simple ceremony, 25 of them finished Information Technology and 97 in Electromechanics Technology.

The ceremony paved away for academic and non-academic awardees such as:

Service Awardees (for class officers):

1. John Paul Basarte
2. Charls Catipay
3. Chito Tuason

Certificate of Merit (graduate with a general weighted average of 1.50 or better during the DTS trimesters)

1. John Vincent Canillo

Perfect Attendance Awardee:

1. Maxwell Bacang

Exemplary Behavior Awardees:

1. Orlan Abergas
2. Maxwell Bacang

Best in Technology Awardees (students with excellent grades in their technology subjects):

1. Jovienel Fuentes
2. Meljon Bating
3. Reydan Alivio
4. Kirvy Cueno
5. John Vincent Canillo

Certificate of Recognition (students with GWA of 1.5 or better in one or two trimesters but with General Weighted Average of lower than 1.5 in one or two trimesters during the entire ITP):

1. Charls Catipay
2. Kirvy Cueno
3. John Vincent Canillo

In his opening remarks, Student Formation Officer Mariano Francis Xavier Hamoy praised the class of 2017 for their accomplishments, noting how they successfully overcome the rigors of academic requirements and urged them to be life-long learners. Hamoy said that life-skills include the students’ ability to communicate knowledge, collaborate with others, and strengthen their creative thinking.

In his address to students, academic awardee Kirvy Cueno urged the graduates to reflect on what they have achieved and appreciate the opportunities that come their way. Cueno even quoted famous author Dale Carnegie to go further, dare to excel, go the extra mile, and show compassion.

CITE parent Crisanto Rameso also delivered an inspiring speech on behalf of the parents noting the importance of parenting and active participation in the education of the children.

First batch of Electronics Technology John Lisondra gave the inspirational message on behalf of the alumni. Lisondra manages his own company called Extendus Fiber Optics and IT Solutions which offers security surveillance camera installations in any areas of businesses, building management, and properties management systems. His clientele includes a good number of business process outsourcing or BPO companies, PLDT, Globe Telecom, Colgate-Palmolive, and CEMEX Philippines, among others. He also extends his reach to the academe by giving seminars to students on Fiber Technology. Prior to this, he also serves as consultant for Mandaue City Chamber of Commerce, Figaro Coffee Company, and Vic Enterprises, Mendco Designs, and Cinapro Chemical Corporation. ⊕

CITE Chairman Named as Country’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneur!

Congratulation 2 copyAfter being named as Entrepreneur of the Year by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  Cebu Landmasters, Inc. (CLI) Chief Executive Officer and CITE Chairman Jose Soberano III bagged the national award as “Industry Entrepreneur of the Year” conferred by the prestigious Ernst and Young last October 18 at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel.

Sir Joe, as we fondly call him, was chosen among 19 outstanding finalists coming from different industries nationwide picked by the Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) Philippines in its search for the country’s most inspiring entrepreneurs.

Sir Joe was awarded for his remarkable feat in the real estate industry establishing CLI as a force to reckon with in the area of quality and affordable housing projects which later rolled out into residential estates, offices, condominiums, hotels, and mixed-use projects.

EOY Philippines was helmed by the SGV Foundation, Inc., with the participation of Department of Trade and Industry, the Philippine Business for Social Progress, and the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Cebu Landmasters, Inc, went public at the Philippine Stock Exchange in June. In an interview, Sir Joe expresses optimism in his desire to make a dent in real estate business, “What inspires me now is to build a company that can last many generations. What further fuels us as a family-oriented company is the goal to become the leading homegrown real estate developer in the Visayas and Mindanao region by 2020.” 

Congratulations on your latest achievements!



CITE Holds Seminar Series

CITE hosted a series of seminars for students from November 6 to November 17, 2017 for senior high school students to engage them in different discussions on issues that affect them. The seminar series brings experts to campus with practical advice and personal advocacy to help students and staff in attendance understand culture and education through emerging trends and issues.

November 6, 2017

“Review of School Policies” – Engr. Abraham Geraldez, former Vice-Academic Director of CITE

 Engr. Geraldez explains why students should follow the school rules and regulations in the school and how they can achieve student efficacy.

November 7, 2017

“Click Before U Think” – Chris Wayne Comendador, co-founder of, Hoolma, and lead instructor for IT Upskilling, a project of  JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Chris Wayne’s practical tips on how one should behave on social media platforms would help him get the most of it. Positively.

“How to Study Series” – Dr. Faustino Langahin Jr., Director for Formation

Acing your exam has always been a tedious job. But Dr. Langahin offers practical tips on how to study well, making use of strategies, and using your own biological instinct such as associations to remembers concepts.

November 8, 2017

“Orientation on Blood Donation”  – Franklin Fernandez, registered nurse

Nurse Franklin talks about the advantages of blood letting as regular activity of young people. A selfless act in order to save lives. Blood letting will take place on December 6 by the Department of Health.

November 9, 2017

“Health and Wellness” – Dr. Jose Ray Catis, School physician

Dr. Catis tells students to quit smoking, maintain a balanced diet, and do regular exercise to keep their bodies healthy and strong.

November 10, 2017

“Disaster Preparedness” – Capt. Kenneth Edillon, Eagle Scout, Response Team Leader for Sto Nino Response Team

2 minutes. That is all should take to vacate CITE building in times of disaster. And Capt. Kenneth is able to see first hand how CITE students handled emergencies during the drill.

“Personality Development” – Claudette Manus, VP for Business Development, Serviam Professionals; Director, Auksilyo Professionals

Engr. Claudette shows students how to be a real gentleman by practicing very simple tips!

November 13, 2017

“Environmental Awareness” – Dann Diez, climate justice advocate, founder of SEED4COM, Let’s Do It Philippines

Cleaning up the coastal areas, practicing the 3Rs, and caring for the environment. Every good thing we do can save our planet Earth.

“Eco-bricks” –  Ms. Rosalie Lopez Fuentes, Eco-bricks

Plastics are made of polythelene which takes 500-1000 years for them to decompose. Reducing the use of plastics through making an eco-brick is simply an amazing way to fill your lull time and save the Mother Earth.

“5 Pieces Daily Habit” – Tony Galon, founder Basura Run and 5 Pieces Daily Habit

Mr. Tony Galon tells us that we can start picking up 5 pieces of garbage everyday as a habit. Mr. Galon is an organizer of Basura Run where every runner is asked to pick up litters after running a kilometer.

November 14, 2017

“Social Media Star” – Tina Amper, Founder of and Geeks on the Beach (GOAB)

Ms. Tina Amper turns the crowd wholesomely fun with tips on how to become famous yet responsible on social media, and start earning income too!

November 15, 2017

“Children’s Rights” –  Julieto Ardiente, Children’s League Bureau Secretary

With the emergence of cases on cyberbullying, Mr. Ardiente gives tips on how students can protect themselves by knowing their rights.

“Math Zero”  – Engr. Jose Roland Flores, Department Head for Common Curriculum

Back to basic session on numbers! A good headstart for any student with difficulty in solving simple mathematical problems.

November 16, 2017

“Becoming a Gentleman” – Fr. Roy Cimagala, CITE Chaplain, 4-time CAMMA awardee for Best Newspaper Column

Fr. Roy’s fatherly advice to students are a true gem. Being a gentleman always have to do with being godly.

“Why Values?”  – Tex Hernandez, Director of Lahug Cultural Center and projector director of SRI

Values are important. They keep us grounded when confronted with a life’s problem. Strengthening our values is never an easy task, but possible.

“Online Safety”  – SPO4 Egmedio Felisan Jr., CCPO PCRB, PO2 Merlito Patatag

How do we behave online? The celebrated cop “Kuya Bill” narrates the risks and risque of being part of the digital generation.

“Effective Communication” – Dr. Cristie Ann Delfin, Associate Professor, Department of Teacher Education at the University of San Carlos

Dr. Cristie Ann wowed the audience with engaging communication training for student efficacy. Lots of inputs  and classroom tips for students who want to improve their command of English language!

November 17, 2017

“Online Addiction”  – Dr. Faustino Langahin Jr., Director for Formation

Online addiction is common, but one doesn’t have to fall for this trap. Dr. Jun shows that an idle mind is a devil’s playground.

“Financial Literacy” – Engr. Jose Reuel Zapata, ETTU Director, Financial literacy guru

Saving, spending, delayed gratification. All these activities have impact to your pocket. Students learn how to manage their money and achieve financial freedom.

In Memoriam +

Let us take a moment to remember the dead and pray for the eternal repose of their souls...Words alone cannot even begin to express just how much you are loved and sorely missed…

Trustees, Faculty Members and Staff

Ernesto Aboitiz | Vice-president | + January 13, 2010

Arman Bolo | Academic Director

Emilio Borja | Trustee and Scholarship Grantor | + August 19, 2014

Melencio Cabellon | General Services Staff

Epifanio Capuyan Jr. | Scholarships Officer | + May 19, 2012

Dr. Alberto Cruz | School Physician

Jude Nicolas Estomago | Training Officer | + April 13, 2008

Ted Gonzales | Trustee

Jose Garcia | Trustee

Rhett Pelaez | Trustee | + March 28, 2003

Vicente Villar | Instructor

Roberto Eduardo Aboitiz | Trustee | +April 13, 2017

Jacky Singco | Instructor | Batch 14

Dr. Jason Cabahug | School Physician | +December 27, 2016

Alumni and Students

Hernan Espinoza | Batch 1

Allan Lili |Batch 1

Dennis Codis | Batch 3

Wilson Coca | Batch 4

Anthony Richard Booc | Batch 5

Michael Ogsang | Batch 5

Dexter Bontuyan |Batch 5 | +April 28, 2017

Jovany Copio | Batch 7

Rey Gregorio | Batch 7

Jorge Sobiono | Batch 7

Jovanie Aton | Batch 8

Jerahmeel Rabusa | Batch 8

Achilles Joselito Bowalat Jr. | Batch 9

Neil Tabanao | Batch 10

Edgar Comendador Jr. | Batch 11 | +September 19, 2015

Hajie Hernaiz | Batch 13

Epifanio Oreta Jr. |Batch 13

Kris Mayol | Batch 16 | + December 21, 2014

Dionesio Micayabas | Batch 16 | +September 17, 2017

Giovanni Barro | Batch 17 | +February 21, 2012

Raymond Limana | Batch 18

Rex Dinopol | Batch 21

Janno Mangubat | Batch 21

Jhondale Noval | student +July 28, 2015

Arnel Verola | student | +July 13, 2017

CITE Calls for a Livable Cebu

solEnvironmental advocate Sol Torres was guest during the October 14 seminar for members of Environmentalists Club on October 14 (Saturday). Ms. Torres is a member of the Movement for Livable Cebu (MLC), one of the leading voices that campaign the halting of of construction of more flyovers in Cebu City.

MLC also works in consultation with the local government on the viability of setting up a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) including its detailed engineering designs. MLC also campaigns for wider, safer, and well-maintained sidewalks. Ms. Torres encouraged the students in attendance to be responsible citizens by educating themselves in social responsibility and environmental consciousness to help the generations to come enjoy a livable place.

Named as one of the top 10 Asian Cities of the Future, Cebu City was also included in the top 20 list of “Best Places to Live” in the country according to MoneySense business magazine in 2008. Cebu’s livability was based on the standard of living, quality of life, care for environment, and cost of living.

Celso Pepito Teaches Arts to Students


Members of Palette and Journalism Clubs were amazed with the artworks and presentations of one of Cebu’s finest and most celebrated artists, Celso Duazo Pepito, who was invited to CITE on October 14 to teach arts appreciation to students. Pepito studied under the tutelage of the great Martino Abellana, touted to be the dean of Cebuano painters, who introduced him to Impressionist-Realist. Having found his artistic identity, Pepito explored his craft in the developing his own style of Cubism which he considered a freer expression of his ideas and aspirations.

With Cubism, Pepito is able to inject the principle of three planar divisions of his composition portraying significant and visually strong  messages in life–his love for God, his presentation of positive Filipino values, and his patriotism.





Seminar Series for Students

Reorientations schedules between November 6 and 10, 2017 as follows:

06 November 2017 (Monday)

9-11                Comprehensive Review on School Policies         (Engr. Abraham Geraldez)
11-12              How to Ace Your Grades                                         (Dr. Faustino Langahin Jr.)
1-5                  Enrollment Processing                                            (Class Advisers)

07 November 2017 (Tuesday)

9-10:30          5S in Good Housekeeping                                       (Engr. Reuel Jose Zapata)
10:30-12        Think Before You Click                                            (Mr. Wayne Comendador)
1-3                   Enrollment Processing                                            (Class Advisers)

08 November 2017 (Wednesday)

9-11                 Disaster Preparedness                                              (Mr. Kenneth Edillon)
11-12               Drills                                                                             (Safety Committee)
1-5                   Enrollment Processing                                             (Class Advisers)
1-3                   Pre-deployment Seminar Series                             (ILU)

09 November 2017 (Thursday)

9-11                 Social Graces and Urbanity                                     (Mr. Romel Cabarzon)
11-12               Enrollment Processing                                             (Class Advisers)
1-3                   Proper Waste Disposal                                             (Mr. Reginaldo Balatayo)
3-5                  Enrollment Processing                                              (Class Advisers)
1-3                  Pre-deployment Seminar Series                              (ILU)

10 November 2017 (Friday)

9-11                 Health and Wellness                                                  (Dr. Jose Roy Catis)
11-12               Enrollment Processing                                               (Class Advisers)
1-3                   How to be Behave Like a Gentleman                      (Ms. Claudette Manus)
3-5                  Enrollment Processing                                               (Class Advisers)
1-3                   Pre-deployment Seminar Series                              (ILU)

CITE Mourns Cardinal Vidal’s Death

BLESSINGArchbishop Emeritus Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal has a special place in our hearts. Cardinal Vidal,  a leader of Catholics in Cebu for 29 years, passed away on October 18 at the age of 86 at the Perpetual Succour Hospital in Cebu City leaving an irreplaceable void in the Catholic fabric.

But Cardinal Vidal remains as one of the strongholds during the 1987 political unrest that led to EDSA revolution. As president of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, he was renowned for issuing the statement: “Vox Populi, Vox Dei”  (the voice of the people is the voice of God) to ease up the tensions amidst the turbulent time brought about by the snap elections.

Pope Francis in his latest commu, has extended his condolences noting the Cardinal’s devotion as true servant-leader:

“Joining with you in expressing profound gratitude for the late Cardinal’s untiring and devoted service to the Church, and for his constant advocacy of dialogue and peace for all the people in the Philippines, I commend his soul to the infinite love and mercy of our heavenly Father,” the Pontiff said.

Cardinal Vidal’s interment will be held on Oct. 26 at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral at 9 a.m.  Cardinal Vidal officiated the blessing of CITE in 1992 with Mrs. Maia dela Cerna, wife of then Cebu Governor Vicente “Tingting” dela Cerna as special guest.


Staging of “Paglilitis” A Resounding Success

22195528_1512746202152735_3479589098878194637_nThe four-night staging of Paul Dumol’s classic modernist play “Ang Paglilitis kay Mang Serapio” drew different reactions from audience who witnessed the 35-minute long one-act dramatization of a tragic trial of the main character, a beggar named Serapio. Some students took pity on how Serapio was prosecuted by “tagapagtanong”, others cringed during the climactic part, and others could not just bear the predicament the old beggar has to undergo at the expense of a dream foregone.

Two groups of thespians took centerstage on October 10-13 to relive the haunting trial. Stephen Dave Limjap portrayed alternately with Moises Cejudo in the lead role. The roles of two harsh inquisitors were played alternately by Lynard Calvez and Alryan Macabenlar and Sam Lloyd Gines and Jeremiah Obleanda. The role of the “hukom” is played by Rejie Macapas and Jhon Paul Anoos. Both presentations were directed by CITE alumnus Phillip Bernardo Ogang.22279388_1512746242152731_3553389478141280323_n

This is the fourth time the play was brought to life by CITE students and has the largest ensemble cast.

MFI Top Execs Visit CITE

MFICITE hosted the visit of top executives from MFI Polytechnic Institute Inc. on a Tuesday morning of October 10, 2017. The delegation was headed by Engr. Antonio Kosca Jr., EVP and COO (4th from left),  Leonardo Felipe, Admin Manager and Rodney Nono, HR Manager (1st and second from far left). Engr. Kosca is also a trustee of CITE. On hand to welcome the guests were Engr. Ruben Laraya, Engr. Oscar Rodriguez, and Engr. Reuel Jose Zapata.

MFI Polytechnic Institute Inc.(formerly MFI Foundation, Inc.) is an education service provider of career-oriented and technology-related programs for more than 40 years. Its programs  are focused on technologies, which are essential building blocks of future innovation in automation and controls, automotive, electronics, computer and information technology, electrical, refrigeration, and metal trades. MFI is one of the proponents of CITE and a grantor of perpetual scholarships for underprivileged students.