Co-curricular Activities

When you enroll in CITE, we open doors for you to build new friendships, enhance your academic life, and learn lifelong skills that come handy when you need them in the future. Most importantly, we look after your holistic formation without neglecting your academic preparation. Let us help you plan that journey today.

Young Mentors Organization – Teach kids how to read and write and make a difference in their lives. The club also trains in non-formal education, visual aids making, and child mentoring. Outreach projects include adopt-a-barangay and feeding programs.

Palette Club – Let your creative juice flow in a club where you can freely tap your talent in visual arts and multimedia designing. Get a chance to display your artworks in fund-raising exhibits, help other young artists discover their gift, and defy limits to find your artistic voice.

Technology Clubs – Enhance your skills in machining, electrical and electronics technology beyond classroom hours by taking challenging tasks of reviving damaged machines and devices under the watch of your club adviser.

Rotaractors Club – Make use of your potentials for a higher cause and become a student advocate for environment, community development, and student welfare. Be part of outreach programs that truly respond to the challenges of our times and work with local civic groups that put premiums on education, health, and livelihood.

Catechism Club – Teach values and the basic Catholic doctrine to the little children and you teach them for life. The club reaches out to the kids in slum areas and excite their relationship with God through prayer and apostolic activities.

Biking Club – What is a more satisfying adventure than to see the countryside on a two-wheel ride with your friends on a Sunday afternoon? CITE encourages you to explore possibilities to help the community by getting in touch with nature and culture while invigorating your sense of adventure.

Maneuvers – Twist, turn, and toss to express individuality through the art of pop dancing. Enjoy the company of shakers and movers as you find your own beat in the dance of life.

CITE Dramatics Abstraction – Take the centerstage and bring characters into life during annual stageplays, comical sketch presentations, and other theatrical shows that promote the arts and culture.

Journalism Club – Write, blog, shoot. The club trains members the facets of campus journalism which include photography, news and features, and new media techniques to help young men learn the ropes of responsible media practices and crush mental blocks.

King’s Men Chorale – Sing your heart out to the Lord during mass celebrations and school programs under the baton of trained choirmasters. The club lets you harmonize with other choir members without losing your own voice.

Speech and Campaigners Club – Overcome your shyness and become an interesting public speaker people like to hear again and again. The club provides speech coaching and presentation skills training that keep you from being tongue-tied and become an ambassador of CITE to school-to-school campaigns and speaking engagements.

Xyberguild Club – Join the IT whiz as they teach computer literacy, multimedia designing, and computer programming to high school students.

Music Club – Play beautiful music with your band and capture the audience in awe. The club puts diverse talents together and keep you attuned with your musical side.
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