Making the right choices in life is important to succeed in our careers. Some of our choices shape up who we are in the future. At the Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise (CITE), we hone our students to be morally upright, physically fit, and intellectually sound individuals enabling them to take the global challenge for excellence at work and business.

Having been provided with the finest technical training that brings out the best in them, our graduates amassed knowledge and learned the skills that truly match the industry needs at par excellence. We boast of our state-of-the-art facilities, one-on-one tutorial sessions, formative activities, and a good reputation that earns the trust of our scholarship grantors, industry partners, and peers, among others. Our hallmark programs are the three-year technician courses which employ the Dual Training System (DTS) allowing students to learn and earn at the same time in a favorable set-up for all parties involved.


  • Operate and maintain standard machine tools such as lathe, drill press, milling machine, and Electronic Discharge Machine (EDM)-Die Sinker
  • Operate sheet metalworking such as shearing and bending machines
  • Design simple machines, tool and die, jigs and fixtures using CAD software and able to use semi-precision and precision instruments
  • Prepare blueprints and specification required in manufacturing process
  • Perform heat treatment of materials and testing
  • Perform Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) standard code programming
  • Perform mechanical and drive system and maintenance
  • Lay out, build, troubleshoot, and repair developmental and production electronic components, parts, and systems such as electronic timers, photoelectric devices, audio and video units, instrumentation, and test equipment
  • Assemble and maintain electronic systems                    
  • Can demonstrate knowledge of Electronics Design Automation (EDA), power electronics, microcontrollers using Programmable Integrated Circuit (PIC), and instrumentation and process control                                                                                                                              
  • Develop personal competencies and work ethics                                                              
  • Service and repair electronic and programmable controls and business machines like PC’s                                                                                
  • Install and maintain instrumentation and control devices
  • Working knowledge in electric circuit boards, processor chips, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming
  • Working knowledge in automation, pneumatics, and electro-pneumatics
  • Install and program logic controller systems
  • Install and maintain AC and DC drives and low voltage distribution systems
  • Assemble, repair, and maintain electronic systems


  • Set up and maintain local and wide area networks
  • Perform programming tasks in database, C++, and Visual Basic
  • Install hardware and software applications
  • Design web page and other similar computer graphics and multimedia applications  


  • Male Filipino high school graduates with age not more than 24 years old
  • Grades in Math, Physics, and English must be at least 80% in the last grading period
  • Must pass the admission test, interview, Summer Technician Orientation Program, and physical and medical examination
  • Total annual family income should not exceed P120,000


  • Four pieces 1×1 ID picture (with blue background)
  • Four photocopies of high school report card or transfer credentials
  • Four photocopies of birth certificate
  • Four photocopies of parent’s latest Income Tax Return (ITR)/certificate of BIR tax exemption
  • Four photocopies of Certificate of Good Moral Character


Read more about the admission process by clicking here.