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We envision CITE Technical Institute, Inc. to be an educational institution that provides technical training to the less privileged youth in a manner that is always deeply rooted in moral and work values, strongly linked with families and industry, and extensively imbued with the entrepreneurial spirit.


CITE Technical Institute, Inc. is an institution committed to provide training in technical skills and entrepreneurship, values formation, health and social services to the less privileged youth, their families, the local community and the industrial sector of Visayas and Mindanao. We aim to develop in them a high sense of professionalism and a deep Christian and social oriented spirit.


CITE provides top-quality technical training to persons belonging to the lower-income stratum of society by means of scholarships. It provides technical re-training and management upgrading courses for industry workers.

It is also a values formation center which nurtures human virtues and values in its students, clients, and staff. CITE’s project proponents are well established institutions in the field of education and training; namely, Associazione Centro ELIS, Rome, Italy; MFI Foundation, Inc., Pasig City, Philippines; and University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) Foundation, Inc., Pasig City, Philippines.

The school was established in 1990 as a non-stock, non-profit educational organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In June of 1991, CITE began offering its main program, the three-year, post-secondary Industrial Technician Program (ITP). In June 2016, CITE opened its diploma programs leading to a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship.

CITE has requested the prelature of Opus Dei to provide priests to take care of the spiritual activities of the institution.

Immediate Objectives:

1. To provide top-quality technical vocational training to persons belonging to the lower income group by means of scholarship grants

2. To function as a values-formation center for its students and their parents, staff, and clients.

Intermediate Objectives:

1. To provide competent, well-trained and highly motivated industrial supervisors for the industrial sector in order to promote productivity.

2. To train technically competent small entrepreneurs who will address basic consumer needs with a daring entrepreneurial spirit and a genuine desire to be of service to others.

3. To be a pilot school for training institutions with similar social goals.

Long Term Objectives:

1. To be a venue for realistic and productive modes of cooperation between industry on one hand, and local and foreign investors on the other, and thus act as a catalyst for economic development.

2. To be a center for industrial research and development, not only in the technical fields but also in human resources training and entrepreneurial management.

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