Alumni Profile | Guillermo del Mar Jr.

As a prolific guitarist, he could be oblivious to an audience observing him from afar in an unmitigated admiration, but Guillermo del Mar, Jr. or Guilly is a rock star when it comes to his unflappable dedication to his job.
Guilly was a CITE graduate of Electromechanics Technology in 2004. He is now the Manager of Design Data Centers of DAMAC Data Centers in Dubai, a global digital infrastructure provider with facilities in Riyadh and KSA.
Having completed his master’s degree in Construction Management from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, he races from seemingly one endeavor to another as he is now pursuing another post-graduate study in MS Building Services Engineering at Heriot-Watt University-Dubai.
Guilly, 38, is a mechanical engineer, a registered master plumber, and a resource speaker/trainer in Data Design Calculations, Heat Load Calculations, Energy Modelling HVAC Equipment Selection, among others.
His commitment to his job is so much part of his identity as a CITE graduate and his love for music has taken him places and continues to prime his other persona.
“In every task that I make, I do it extraordinarily well. Not just for the sake of completing the work but putting my heart into it and improving it through development and innovation,” he wrote in a Facebook chat.