Book Review | Chariots on the Moon

“Who are you?” I may be dreaming.
“Wish for anything” Her warm pauses cradled me like a baby.
“Are you a genie?” Maybe I am lucid.
“To compare me with myth is an insult to yourself” I can feel the flowing wind running through the curve of my ear.
“Are you God?”
“Don’t insult Him too” her tone shifted, now more stiff and grounded.
“Then why are you making me wish?” Saw rain around us; raindrops were muted.

“I appear as needed dear” The rain froze revealing a spectrum of rainbows…tiny rainbows for every raindrop…

Yann Abdulhalik’s collection of 10 short stories in his 16-page compilation “Chariots on the Moon” are not easy to describe. They are absurdist and evocative tackling topics on familial relationships, pain, longing, and betrayal in punchy metaphors and wheeling through surrealism as he delves into a reverie of finding his muse, an encounter with magic wives and deity, and even an encounter with his doppelganger.

Yann is a Batch 29 graduate of Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology. He is a voracious reader and dabbles in self-publication. Message him at Yann Abdulhalik to avail his first book, “Chariots on the Moon”.