Engineering Technology Program Scores Nods

DSC_0037Industry partners and invited alumni have come to terms with the urgency to align the education framework of the country with that of other members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

During CITE’s Industry Consultation on May 22-23 to offer a Diploma in Engineering Technology, the participants saw the role of a revitalized Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) to help in the mobility of the Filipino workforce and give them equal footing in terms of recognition of qualifications within the ASEAN region.


The PQF is a tool for the development of qualifications of Filipino skilled workers and professionals to ensure alignment of educational outcomes to job requirements, thus preventing a job mismatch. PQF also adopts national standards and levels of outcomes or competencies (level 1 to level 8) to support career-pathing and equivalency programs.


Once aligned with ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework (AQRF), this would pave way for continuous skills enhancement and create more job opportunities thus leveling up their competency for supervisory positions and industry trainers because of the incorporation of management subjects.

CITE is working towards aligning with the PQF Level 5 on the framework with its post-Industrial Technician Program posited as Diploma in Engineering Technology. An entrant to the 3-year Industrial Technician Program (mostly grade 10 completers) may just have to add one more year to finish any of the following programs: Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, and Computer Engineering Technology with learning outcomes matching the qualifications needed for diploma graduates. Graduates of the diploma program may only take a few subjects to complete a bachelor’s degree program leading towards Engineering or Entrepreneurship course.


Among those in attendance were  Joseleto Pescante (Treasure Island Industrial Corp.), Francis Tabernero (Taiyo Yuden Phils., Inc), Mervin Susao (Wellmade Motors and Devt. Corp.), Bernardita Mutia (Suarez & Sons, Inc.), Cherryl Desucatan (Treasure Island Industrial Corp.), Wally Ong (Treasure Island-Chempaints), Brian Gerundio (DENR EMB-7), Godofredo Ceniza (Ina Micro Opto Corporation), Ethel Rea Colina (Monde Nissin Corp.), Jeruel Zerda (TPE Sales), Al Bodios (Treasure Island Industrial Corp.), Jerson Esgana (UV-Main), Joannes Paulus Jumadla, Leonil Ryan Dela Pena, Henry Villanca (Mechanical Engineer, Pacific Trading), Alberto Ching Jr. (PPC), Rod Marczak, Ryan Dupay, Randy Binondo, Raymond Angana, Lowell Sanchez, and Alex Senagan (Watchdog Automation).