Programs Offered

• Diploma in Engineering Technology (DIET)  is a three-year diploma program for students who want to become technologists in the fields of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, and Electrical Engineering Technology.

• Values Seminars such as on work ethics and productivity are offered to companies. The school’s Values Education Program also extends to students and their families.

• Short Courses for Industry Workers are offered vis-à-vis the school’s thrust to provide the private sector with trained manpower. These industry-based courses which stretch variably from 30-90 hours are taken from different technology specializations of ITP and DipET.

• Institutional Training and Technical Services are offered to complement various industries’ in-house corporate training activities. These services are also offered to civil society organizations, corporate foundations, and various government agencies for the design of technical education and skills development activities for their constituents.

• E-Skills Project has yielded web-based and computer-based training modules for institutional clients and partners in the growing family of e-learning users collectively called as e-skills network.

• CITE Training Center, a brainchild project between Belgian NGO Association for Cultural, Technical, and Educational Cooperation (ACTEC), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), and CITE aimed to provide OSYs entry-level competencies.

• Cisco Networking Academy Programs are offered to ITP students, professionals, alumni, and out-of-school youth.

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