Help a Scholar

Dear Grantors,

Seventeen-year old Jojo is just one of the growing statistics of Filipino high school graduates who find it hard to get a college education because of poverty.

Eldest of the six siblings to a traysikad driver and a housewife, Jojo strongly feels about education as the only means to achieve his simple dream—to provide for his family—never again have to worry about what to place on the table and whom to loan money from the day after just to make both ends meet.

But was it too late for him? Through our Study-Now-Sponsor-a-Scholar Later Program (SNSSLP) embedded in our youth programs, any dream is within reach. With your help, you can give hope to two or more Jojos out there who are potential students yet never had the chance to benefit from quality technical education that could have changed their lives and their families for the better.

You Can Make a Difference

Through the SNSSLP, a fund development program that pools contributions from both the benefactors and beneficiaries of the various programs, a CITE scholar seeks the help of individuals or groups to help guarantee that he completes the course.

The aid that he requests from you will help fill a foreseen funding gap in his training. The financial aid may cover a part of, or the total sum of the tuition and fees and/or the scholars cost of living allowances.

You can help us in three ways:

1. The Perpetual Scholarship Trust Fund

It is a fund managed by CITE and composed of the Perpetual scholarships granted to students of the Industrial Technician Program (ITP). The Fund shall be managed as an endowment for the ITP. The income from the Fund provides a permanent yet flexible source of support for the ITP students.
When you give to the Fund the amount of Php 300,000 through one-time giving to help fund tuition and fees of one student for three years, or in installments, you start supporting one scholar every year on a perpetual basis.

2.The Tuition and Fees Scholarship

The Tuition and Fees Scholarship allows you to sponsor scholars in their training at the Center for a fixed duration. You may provide, for example, an annual grant for a duration to be determined by you to sponsor a scholar in full or in part to help defray the cost of training. The annual cost of education for an ITP student is Php 30,000. CITE gives you the right of first refusal in hiring the student after his graduation.

3. The Student Assistance Package

The Student Assistance Package puts you in the position to support a student in his training needs apart from his tuition and fees. You may provide a one-time assistance or an annual subsidy to a student training with us.

Your assistance may come in any of four modes: (a) Uniform subsidy, (b) Meal subsidy, (c) Board & lodging subsidy, and (d) Transportation allowance.


The uniform requirement of each student is five (5) shirts annually, or a total of fifteen (15) for the duration of the ITP. The subsidy is pegged at Php 500.00 for every student in each year. Through mutual agreement, we can draw up provisions to put the benefactor’s organization or company name or logo on the uniforms of the beneficiaries.


The meal subsidy defrays the cost of meals in school. The daily meal subsidy is placed at Php 25.00.


The board & lodging subsidy defrays the cost of board and lodging in the home or rental in boarding homes or apartments. The monthly subsidy is pegged at Php 800.00.


The transportation allowance defrays the cost of public utility fare, from the student’s place of residence to CITE and back. The monthly subsidy is placed at Php 1000.00.

There may be other ways that you may give under the student assistance package, such as subsidy for books and tools. The amount of the subsidies will depend on your generosity and the need of the student you wish to help.

Your grant will carry your desired name as well as the right of first refusal in the hiring of your scholar. You may choose from among recommended students currently enrolled in the ITP based on your guidelines, or you can let CITE do the choosing.

Special or specific provisions that you would like to include may be drawn up in a Memorandum of Agreement.