Stepping Up the Efforts to Combat COVID-19

Councilor John Christian Asignar (far left) distributes goods to the residents of Pit-os.

In the backdrop of COVID-19 crisis, some of our local government unit officials have remained steadfast in ensuring an uninterrupted roll-out of basic services in their barangays. Though it looks like all in a day’s work for them, our local officials have also put their lives at stake just to reach out to constituents who are largely affected by stay-at-home orders.

One’s commitment as a public servant is put to the test during crisis. This is what 34-year old Pit-os Barangay Councilor John Christian Asignar experienced as a frontliner. After the ECQ was imposed in the metropolis, Asignar stepped up to extend help to affected residents by keeping the barangay of 7000 residents safe from this dreaded disease.

Residents are grateful of the relief goods from the barangay council.

As chairman of Barangay Health Emergency Team, Asignar has led the disinfecting operations in open places and has been active in the relief distribution to about 3200 households and renters through the barangay’s calamity fund. With concerted efforts from all barangay officials and volunteers under Barangay Chairman Nilo Tariman’s leadership, Pit-os is able to hold down the fort from possible COVID-19 infections through  quarantine control points.

As first-time elected councilor, Asignar who also holds the committee chairmanship of infrastructure and public services has helped the renovation of day care center and multi-purpose building, construction of covered court in Uppersights, and desilting of drainage, among others.

Faced with these emerging challenges, he said, “Our duty is to protecting the public, uphold the law and manage disasters like COVID-19. We (went through) comprehensive seminars and training to ensure that we can carry out these duties to the best of our ability in the name of public service.”

Asignar is a graduate of Information Technology in 2007. He dabbles on IT work in a clinic when he is not busy with his official duties.