View from the Top


Given the nature of his job, Custer Arañas is called “betriebs messtechniker”, a German word for operation metrologist. But Custer can go by other names: a traveler, a brother, and a grantor.

Custer began his journey to Europe in 2006 as a tourist upon an invitation by a German friend. When he went back to Cologne, Germany after a year, he brushed up on his Deutsche to be able to find work and blend in. The rest, as the adage goes, is history.

Fast-forwarding through a decade, Custer is an archetype of an oversea Filipino worker caught up in the middle of routine from maintaining and auditing power plants to monitoring chemical industries around Europe. His work as mechanical instrument technician allows him to see the world and immerse in cultures he once only saw in movies.

“I like to travel a lot and be with the nature,” he said.

An Electrical Technology alumnus in 1999, this 36-year-old travel fanatic believes that what goes around comes around. He once enjoyed a scholarship that put him through the technician program. Now, it’s about time to give back.

Custer has supported two performing scholars, Anrie Tomarong and Roque Joaquin, whom he had a chance of meeting during his recent homecoming.

“It was exciting because I barely know them and I keep telling them my experience as a student. I was so happy that in my own little way, I could help these students who are both doing well in their classes,” he recalled.

Aside from his scholars, Custer is helping his parents and two brothers and sending three nephews to college in Cebu.

When not at work, he dabbles in badminton and heavily competes in tournaments around Germany. He is also engaged in charitable work being in the forefront of raising almost a quarter of million pesos to help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

On some occasions, Custer likes to enjoy a quiet laze at his bachelor’s pad or simply amuse himself with uber-cool views in respite. 