Bleachers Report#2: Team Aguila Dominates Sportsfest 2019

Blue Eagles proved to be too much for the rest of the competing teams during the recently concluded Sportsfest on September 11-13.

Aka Team Aguila (Mechanical Technology Department) garnered 561 points dominating major events such as basketball and volleyball events during the 3-day inter-departmental tournament held at CITE and at the Cebu City Sports Complex on the third day.

Red Dragons (Elec) scored shy of 480 points to qualify for the second spot, Green Hornets (Elex) placed third with 405 points, tailed by Black Panthers (IT) with 337 points.

Team Aguila’s path to the title did not come easy though as they have to go through a neck-and-neck battle with Red Dragons stunning the “Live Wiretappers” during the basketball match. Team Aguila also proved their mettle in the cheerdance competition with two powerhouse cheering squads winning top prize and dominating some track-and-field events.

The first throwing events were another huge turnaround for Team Aguila as players dominate the shot put and javelin throw. Indoor games also proved to be Team Aguila’s expertise when it won gold for chess and scrabble.

In volleyball, the Green Hornets bested three teams teams to clinch the crown. Red Dragons also enjoyed its three-peat for soccer.

Sportsfest was made possible through the following sponsors:

CH LEAD Industrial Supply
Christopher Pacifico
Alex Senagan
Juanito I. King Foundation, Inc.
Watchdog Automation Sales & Services
PLC Systems Technik, Inc.
Ricky Caputolan and family
Darryl Catipay and family
Amando Barda Jr. and family
Hrothgar Duazo and family
Anonymous Donor
Racquel Faelnar of Woven Furniture Designs, Inc.
Aldwin Jake Mejellano
Serviam Professionals, Inc.
and Friends of CITE

You can also grab awesome photos on this link courtesy of Clyde Gerebese, Bailon Ceniza, and Dylan Balagtas.