Catechism Kids Get Free School Bags

Matmat Limotan was 10 years old when he started joining the Sunday catechism classes. He was a bit shy during the first few meetings, but soon began to open up when he got to know some friends. The group started with 20 pupils about urban area at Purok II, San Jose. The sessions were fun-filled especially when the catechist gets to the part of drawing hands-up participation from doe-eyed pupils who competed for his attention as he threw questions about God.

After a year, the number increased as some pupils told others of the free snacks the group was giving to them whenever they can answer some questions during catechism sessions. The Catechism club led by Mc Art Neil Gamutin was a small group of 5-10 catechists who spent their Sunday afternoon teaching kids about lessons on Creation, Jesus Christ, and Mother Mary.

Mc Art believes that children should start young getting to know God and doing the norms of piety such as holy rosary. That is why during their sessions, catechists like Mc Art emphasizes the importance of prayer. Last May 4, 2019 it was a answered prayer when the Rotary Club of Mactan decided to give out 82 schools bags and school supplies to less privileged kids in San Jose Gym. The civic group led by rotarian Fernando Manglapus and Miss Clemen came to personally hand the school bags to the identified beneficiaries who are mostly catechism pupils.