A Chance Encounter


I’m sharing another inspiring story of a fellow CITE alumnus, also a former colleague at NEC Telecom Software Philippines, Inc.

His name is Edgar Moncillier, a second batch graduate of Information Technology. He was a Software Test Engineer when he left NEC. He brought with him significant amount of experience to his next employer HRsmart, which was later on acquired by Deltek Systems (Philippines), an enterprise software and information solutions provider for professional services firms and government contractors. Deltek is located in Makati, the financial center of the Philippines.

With his superb technical and leadership skills, Edgar was promoted to QA Manager handling 14 persons. With the new role, he was able to interview applicants coming from prestigious and top universities in Manila.

In June 2017, he was sent to the U.S. for training sharpening his tools of the trade. Few days before his trip, I had a chance to meet with him somewhere Mandaluyong, where he lives in a condominium unit, few minutes away from Makati. We dined, shared some good laughs and of course, talked about serious work-related stuffs.

Seeing a fellow IT alumnus soar in his career is a testament that CITE is indeed a breeding ground for future achievers and leaders. It does not only keep me striving do be better but as well encourage other young minds to dream big and really work on it with all their best despite the odds in life.

We take pride in everything we do and never fail to look back and salute to our Alma Mater. Kudos to all CITE alumni!

I hope this success story will ignite more young hearts out there.


Rey J. Rafols

Rey Rafols (left) is photographed together with Edgar Moncillier