CITE To Mark 27th Year!


Twenty-seven years ago, a school was founded in response to Opus Dei prelate Blessed Alvaro del Portillo’s call to close the enormous gap between the poor and rich in the country.

To this day, the fight to end poverty is far from over as the gap continuously to widen leaving a score of  young Filipinos still unable to avail of equal opportunities for quality and affordable education.

CITE, the school in question, has attempted to make a dent in poverty by staying true to its mission of providing the underprivileged youth an opportunity to rise to the occasion through technical education that delivers real results.

With its dynamic educational structure that encompasses both theories and practical application, a graduate may find employment in industries that truly value his skills and talents. Furthermore, a CITE graduate bears the trademark of values formation and work ethics that are a must to uphold good working relationship with others.

While CITE may opt to rest on its laurel with the streaks of success of many of its graduates, it has continually faced the challenge Blessed Alvaro has tossed 27 years ago with new perspectives towards serving the underprivileged and their families. CITE braves the ever-changing educational platform by retro-fitting its surefire 3-year Industrial Technician Program to senior high school program without losing its technical flavor. While considered a bold stance to keep relevant, the school program has remained pro-poor and pro-active to ever-changing times.

On its 27th year, CITE aims to reach new heights and set new trends in the area where it is most relevant–in the heart of underprivileged young people who stand to reason why the school has existed all these years. Happy Foundation Day!