Communication Done Even Better!

IMG_0524It was an enriching experience for 38 student-leaders to meet Engr. Ma. Claudette Mañus on August 12 during the Presentation Skills and Customer Service Training. Engr. Mañus’s wide gamut of business experience in customer service and expertise in personality development helped the students realize their own potentials as communicators and develop their service mentality for those they lead in the school.

Engr. Mañus’s commanding presence and interactive modules on presentation skills easily put the participants in an uncomfortable situations. But these situations only paved way for students to open up communication problems and allowed the speaker to correct common barriers that impede the flow of communication process.

Verbal nuances such as an unnecessary movement, a low-power pose, or even a poor eye contact was called out because they tell more of the communicator than the words he utters.

Participants were also taught how to use the power of stories, visual presentations, and use of movements across the floor in order to get attention and finally speak like a pro.

With Engr. Mañus’s exposure to customer service, students also experienced a simulation of good customer service employing the voice, the body, and the genuineness to be able to connect and engage even the hardest-to-please customers.


The four-hour session was a total makeover to a shy-type communicator. The engaging true-to-life stories and anecdotes Engr. Mañus shared with the participants were inspiring enough to prod anyone to try harder in the field of communication.

Engr. Mañus was not afraid to share her own story, too. Her struggles to be the best in the company of men and her dedication to set up a string of business startups and BPO’s were a beacon of hope to the participants to believe in their dreams.

Engr. Mañus did not just open their minds to the possibilities, but showed them their own potential in making their dreams happen. Sure, it does begin with communication. But what doesn’t?