Drug Prevention Seminar Held

Cebu City Police Office (CCPO-Station 8) conducted a symposium on drug awareness and prevention on September 27, 2019 to over 600 senior high school and diploma program students of CITE as part of its drug awareness and prevention efforts.

PSSg. Merlito Patatag of Station 8 and public information officer, said Friday he conducts the lectures for students to raise awareness of the effects of drug abuse and provide them crime prevention tips. PSSg Patatag has citedĀ cases of high school and college students engaged in illegal drugs and has found cases alarming.

While schools have duty to inform students not to get involved in counterproductive activities including cybercrime, vices, internet usage, social media activities, and joining insurgents, schools have the primary obligation to provide avenues for them to make their stay in the school productive.

PSSg. Patatag showed video documentaries to drive his point and engage the audience to be grateful for their support system such as parentsĀ  and teachers.

PSSg. Patatag was joined by police interns from station 8 during the event.