Executive Director Becomes AOTS Alumni Society President

Executive Director Ruben Laraya is now the president of Visayas AOTS Alumni Society, Inc. (VAAS). VAAS is a non-profit private organizations voluntarily founded by EX-AOTS (Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships) or HIDA training participants, who share the common experience of training in Japan.

VAAS is one of 72 alumni societies which are actively involved in human resources development toward the economic and industrial development of home countries, as well as the enhancement of their countries’ friendly relations with Japan and other countries.

Turning 25 this year, VAAS gathered AOTS alumni for a general assembly meeting and induction ceremony on November 16, 2019 at Maayo Hotel. AOTS Senior Managing Director Tetsuji Kawakami, who was invited to speak before the alumni, expressed his felicity towards the efforts of VAAS in engaging in promoting the welfare of the people in the Visayas.

Mr. Kawakami also reported that the 10th World Convention of AOTS Alumni Societies in August has resulted to an open discussion on how to grow together and ensure the development of the next generation by furthering a collaboration. During the convention, about 200 delegates from 65 alumni societies were in Japan to celebrate the 60th year of AOTS which has provided training opportunities to 196,000 executives, managers and engineers from across the world.  The global total includes more than 10,000 Filipino nationals.  Also  with  Mr.  Kawakami  is Wataru  Naito, of  AOTS  General  Affairs  and  Planning  Department.

Engr. Laraya, in his welcoming message, urged the assembly to renew friendships, reminisce their Japan experiences, and rekindle their commitment to make the alumni society vibrant in the years to come. He also added that VAAS will foster initiatives and activities that meet the objectives of AOTS programs in becoming a core institution for global human connectivity.

VAAS also named the following alumni to comprise the new set of officers. President: Ruben Laraya, Bonifacio Mercado Jr. (VP- Internal) Ric Ampiloquio (VP External), Perpetuo Echavez (Secretary), Jefferson Tan (Treasurer), Wally Ong (Auditor), Don Go and Dann Diez (PROs), Mariano Francis Xavier A. Hamoy, Reuel Jose Zapata, Faustino Langahin Jr., Elias Tecson, Nelia Navarro, Jose Mateo, Roberto Sembrano (Board of Directors).

Also in attendance were Cynthia Reyes and Lorrenti Velasco of Philcutaros, Celestino Siao and Virginia Siao, Carlos Cornejo, Alan Hendric Buena, Romero Enoc, Marie Ross Sembrano, and Paulette Liu who was named an advocate of VAAS.