This Program Has Changed My Life!

PHOTO 5Getting a college education seemed to be far-fetched for Leonell. When a sliver of chance came up to finish a short-term course, it did not only open a door of opportunities for him but a world of endless possibilities as well.

At 29, Leonell Henry Lim, is a proud graduate of Industry Skills Training Program with specialization in CADD (Computer-aided design and drafting) Operator’s Course in ATC Training Center.

“It was my only chance to get employed after graduating from Badian,” he proclaimed.

Nell was grateful to be included in the 26th batch of scholars who were sponsored by the Association for Cultural, Technical & Educational Cooperation (ACTEC), a Brussels-based NGO that supports vocational training project for the marginalized sector in developing countries. ACTEC helped set up now-called CITE Training Center from the groundwork.

After saving up some money from his first job, he finally finished a course in Computer Engineering which he began taking up in 2003.

At present, he is working at Detecon Al Saudia Company Ltd. in KSA as a technical support assistant. His company deals with the maintenance of all telecommunications network of Saudi Telecom Company, the biggest in Saudi Arabia.

“My job builds up my confidence and teaches me to interact with different types of people,” he said.

Nell stops at nothing to hone his skills. He attends in-house training and updates himself with the latest CAD software. Being a graduate of short course in ATC gave him a headstart to achieve his full potential. Do you want to be like Leonell? Continue reading.

What You Should Know About Industry Skills Training Program

The Industry Skills Training Program (ISTP) course Industry Assembler/Operator Course is now a one-year program called Production Technology Course.

The ProdTech trainee must be a high school graduate between the ages of 18 and 25 inclusive. The in-school component remains at six weeks.

This is done through a minimum 8-day pre-deployment training at CITE training centers depending on the need of the partner-companies for Dual Training System (DTS) trainees, while the rest of the 6-week in-school training is done outside the office hours.

What is the cost of Production Technology Program?

The Production Technology course costs P40,000. Parents give a commitment fee (that their daughters or sons stay on until the end of the course) of P1,000.00 and costs for uniforms and ID’s are pegged at P350.00.

The Production Technology course is carried out as a study-now-pay-later plan, where the trainee gets to pay back the cost of training through a portion of the DTS fees that DTS companies provide.

How does a trainee pay up for he cost of the program?

Sixty percent (60%) of the fees go to trainee allowances and forty percent (40%) goes to pay back the cost of the course. Even as the course pays for itself, the trainees need funding for their in-school training and miscellaneous fees. Many of the trainees need help for transportation and meal expenses, while others who are from out-of-town also need help for board and lodging fees.

Even as some DTS companies require the trainees before the end of the six weeks of in-school training, most DTS partners wait for the six-week in-school training to finish before requiring the trainees to go on their DTS in-plant training mode.

How does one qualify?

  • Single or married, male or female Filipino
  • Graduate of high school, Alternative Learning System (ALS), college level
  • Physically fit
  • Must pass the admission test
  • Annual family income per capita should not exceed P20,000

What are the requirements?

  • Four pieces 1×1 ID pictures (with blue background)
  • Four photocopies of high school report card or transfer credentials
  • Four photocopies of birth certificate
  • Four photocopies of parent’s latest income tax return (ITR/certificate of BIR tax exemption
  • Four photocopies of certificate of good moral character

Interested? These people are willing to help you out.

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