Looking at Student Mental Health

Participants from different schools gather to discuss real issues on mental health.

There is no doubt that being a student can be stressful. When one experiences significant life changes, relationship and family issues, and academic pressure, it can contribute to changes in mental health.

Many would fear when recognizing a mental health issue within themselves, as they might not be able to figure out where it came from. At times, conditions can be debilitating making young people  retreat inward rather than seek help. That is why a good way to alleviate this issue is to raise awareness among young people and provide help.

Student representatives receive their certificate after attending the seminar.

A very sensitive topic indeed, but spate of mental health cases has gripped many young people nowadays.

Experts during the seminar sponsored by Arczone Professional Development, Inc.  at UP Cebu Performing Arts on October 25, 2019  have raised real-life issues and increased awareness among young people which included ways to promote good mental health.

Speakers included Dr. Carlo Magno, Gabriel Sebastian Lizada, Dr. Adelaida Gines, Theresa Amita dela Cruz, Dr. Hector Perez, and John Christopher Castillo.

CITE participants included Goldwyn Carbellido, Jereco Gonzaga, Christianver Zambrano, Raul Araneta Jr., and Virgel Borbon. Communications staff Chris Wayne Comendador joined the group.