Mining Mogul Speaks Before the Scholars


Walter W. Brown, Filipino, 77, is the Chairman of A Brown Company, Inc., Palm Thermal Consolidated Holdings Corporation, Palm Concepcion Power Corporation and A Brown Energy & Resources Dev’t. Inc., President and CEO of Apex Mining Inc. and Director of Monte Oro Resources and Energy, Inc.

He received two undergraduate degrees: B.S. Physical Science (1959) and B.S. Geology (1960), both from the University of the Philippines, and post graduate degrees from Stanford University: M.S. Economic Geology (1963), and Ph.D. in Geology, Major in Geochemistry (1965). He was also a candidate in Master of Business Economics (1980) from the University of Asia & Pacific (formerly Center for Research & Communications).

He was formerly associated with the following Philippine companies as Chairman or as President or Director: Atok Big Wedge Co, Inc., Philex Mining Corporation, National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, Atlas Consolidated Mining Co., Philodrill Corporation, Petroenergy, Philippine Realty & Holdings Corporation, Dominion Asia Equities, Inc. (Belle Corp.), Palawan Oil & Gas Exploration (Vantage Equities), 7 Seas Oil Company, Inc. (Abacus), Universal Petroleum (Universal Rightfield), Sinophil Corporation, Asian Petroleum Corporation, Acoje Mining Corporation, Semirara Coal Corporation, Surigao Consolidated Mining Inc., (Suricon), Vulcan Industrial and Mining Corporation, San Jose Oil, Seafront Petroleum, and Basic Petroleum. He was also Technical Director of Dragon Oil, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange.
He is currently the Chairman and Director of Family Farm School (PPAI), Chairman and President of Studium Theologiae Foundation, Member of the Board of Trustees of Xavier University from 2003 to 2014 as Vice Chairman from 2006-2014 and member of the Geological Society of the Philippines.