Production Technology Course Relaunched

Want to learn and earn at the same time? Then a short-term program may just be the right fit for you.

With close to 9000 graduates of our Production Technology course, CITE continues to reach out to male and female senior high school graduates who are raring to build new qualifications and take the easiest route to employment.

The Production Technology course is one-year program called Production Technology Course.

The Production Technology trainee must be a high school graduate between the ages of 18 and 25 inclusive. The in-school component is six weeks.



This is done through a minimum 8-day pre-deployment training at CITE training centers depending on the need of the partner-companies for Dual Training System (DTS) trainees, while the rest of the 6-week in-school training is done outside the office hours.

What is the cost of Production Technology Program?

The Production Technology course costs P40,000. Parents give a commitment fee (that their daughters or sons stay on until the end of the course) of P1,000.00 and costs for uniforms and ID’s are pegged at P350.00.

The Production Technology course is carried out as a study-now-pay-later plan, where the trainee gets to pay back the cost of training through a portion of the DTS fees that DTS companies provide.

How does a trainee pay up for the cost of the program?

Sixty percent (60%) of the fees go to trainee allowances and forty percent (40%) goes to pay back the cost of the course. Even as the course pays for itself, the trainees need funding for their in-school training and miscellaneous fees. Many of the trainees need help for transportation and meal expenses, while others who are from out-of-town also need help for board and lodging fees.

Even as some DTS companies require the trainees before the end of the six weeks of in-school training, most DTS partners wait for the six-week in-school training to finish before requiring the trainees to go on their DTS in-plant training mode.

How does one qualify?

Single, male or female Filipino
Graduate of high school, Alternative Learning System (ALS), college level
Physically fit
Must pass the admission test
Annual family income per capita should not exceed P20,000

What are the requirements?

Four pieces 1×1 ID pictures (with blue background)
Four photocopies of high school report card or transfer credentials
Four photocopies of birth certificate
Four photocopies of parent’s latest income tax return (ITR/certificate of BIR tax exemption
Four photocopies of certificate of good moral character

Interested? These people are willing to help you out.

Jojo (cp no. 0925-8954513)
Jun (cp 0925-5035447)