Small Beginnings

PHOTO 1In Rolando Roma’s ideal world, there would be accuracy and preciseness. He learns that after considerable time spent grappling with metalworking, strong know-how and years of experience gained from taking on customers’ needs define what a true technician is.

A Mechanical Technology graduate in 1996, Rolando started working in Philippine Iino Corporation as a machine operator assigned in dowel and roller pins fabrication for Honda car parts.

Born second of 6 siblings to a tricycle driver and housewife, Rolando had his share of tough life. Always working on a tight budget as a student, he recalled having a single pack of instant noodles split for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hardwork and humility propelled this 39-year old family man from being a supervisor in the Centerless Grinding Machine Section to Production Control Manager.

His daily drop usually involves overseeing three major sections in the company; namely, Material Control, Purchasing, and Planning and Production Control ensuring smooth process flow and product realization. He has four supervisors under his watch. Rolando has been with Philippine Iino Corporation for 19 years.

From these beginnings, Rolando’s efforts have paid off. His penchant for what is ideal sent his siblings to college, gave him and his wife and kids a comfortable life, and provided livelihood to his parents back home. ⊗