School Chaplain Gives Virtual Talk on Getting Through Pandemic

Despite the spotty internet connections early morning on August 2, 2020, some 40 CITE students attended the virtual talk of Father Roy Cimagala on getting through the pandemic.

Hosted by Viador John Viajar II of the Student Affairs Office, the one-hour virtual talk connected the school chaplain with CITE students for the first time in four months on an intimate level via Google Meet.

Fr. Roy’s message was an antidote to the all the news on COVID-19 being all gloom and doom causing drastic changes to how we live.

Mechatronics Servicing graduate Andre Rasonable learned that we should not fear the storm (pandemic), but storm the heavens with our prayer instead. Andre said that we should not despair but rise once again for God will always be with us.Jimuel CaƱedo said that God is always there for us and we should not surrender taking Fr. Roy’s cue to “FIGHT lang!”
Renz Aljon Concon, another Mechatronics Servicing graduate, learned from Fr. Roy to be deliberate in activities that are positive and laughter inducing. “Dili gyud magpadala sa kaguol. Dapat happy lang ug mag-amping sa usag usa labi na sa atong mga pamilya.”

Negative thoughts are indeed counterproductive. Diploma student Yer Natomil says, “We must be strong and continue doing good even though there is pandemic.”

The same goes for Sunday class student Darryl Coyoca who said that it was hard for even the most optimistic among us to stay positive, but hearing the advice from Fr. Roy was a breath of fresh air. Fr. Roy stayed a little bit to exchange pleasantries with the online attendees.

Many struggled to find the much elusive signal this morning including diploma student Gabotero Avail who missed his chance to be interviewed by Father Roy. “Sorry kaayo Father, nagkuha man gud ko ug kahoy para ako ibaligya para makatabang ko sa akong mama ug papa sa galastoon sa balay,” Avail said.

Fr. Roy hopes that we should do more of these online sessions in the future to keep in touch with those students who are affected the most and reassure them that we are here for them.