Take the First Step!

gradDon’t you think it’s easy to say that CITE’s Industry Technician Program (ITP) is a catch-all program, one size that fits all.

We can’t just get enough to say that this long-running 3-year course has been found as the most effective training modality for students of life coming from different platforms and walk of life who may just want to succeed in their lives and make a head start in their careers.

Whether you are junior high school completer, a graduate of the old high school curriculum, a college undergraduate, a transferee from grade 11, or a product of Alternative Learning System, our ITP just meets your needs! After all, we only want what’s best for you.

ITP specilizes in Electromechanics Technology and Information Technology.

Under Electromechanics Technology, a student may sub-specialize in Machining, Mechatronics, Electronics Products Assembly and Servicing. For Information Technology, a student may take up Computer Systems Servicing.

Our 15-month in-school component is composed of industry-driven theoretical subjects, practical hands-on exercises and portfolio-based projects. Our 15-month in-plant component is just the best part of the training! Students are placed in the companies with corresponding allowance that would augment their training free of worries.

Besides our dynamic curriculum, our program integrates holistic formation to our students with one-on-one mentoring chats, parental involvement, time-tested formative activities, and child-friendly interventions that would make each student feel special.

If you are a Grade 10 completer, our program already integrates subjects based on the curriculum of the Department of Education, and even more for a CITE-flavored experience!

With just one more year for the immersion in the industry, you can have two diplomas–one for senior school and one for completing our trademark program–the Industrial Technician Program.

If you are looking for a school to enroll this June, look no further. Move up with us! Be a technical graduate! Make use of your full potentials and be a better version of yourself. We can help you. Just take the first step!

Admission tests are conducted everyday at CITE. Please look for Hope Gabin.