Young Mentors Cap Seminar Series

DSC_0075Young mentors completed the four-part seminar series to become a full-fledged mentor. Mrs. Editha Erana, a Montessori-trained pre-school teacher said that the seminar on Lesson Plan Making on August 26 capped the training for 35 members of Young Mentors Organization.

After that, the mentors are now ready to train kids on the basics in reading, writing and arithmetic. Mrs. Erana was delighted with the progress of the the latest batch noting their dedication to learn the teaching methods such as storytelling and classroom presentations.


Mentors also experienced the personal coaching of Mrs. Erana in teaching pre-school pupils how to count and doing arts and crafts. Young Mentors is headed by Paul John Ejes. How far would a mentor go to extend his reach? Watch this video and don’t forget to like.