CITE Conducts Fire Drill, Mock Firefighting Ops

Talamban fire officials give an orientation to the students on responding emergencies.

CITE puts to test its emergency response and firefighting capabilities during a Fire Drill on November 7, 2019 as part of its safety awareness program at the start of the second semester.

Student gets to wear coveralls and try their firefighting skills during a mock ops.

About 500 students from SHS and diploma program participated in the orientation conducted by  FO2 Ramil B. Herrera and FO1 Raymund Jade Lauglaug of Talamban Fire Sub-Station (TFSS).

Students perform the duck-cover-hold routine during earthquake evac.

“We should hone our capability to quickly respond to emergencies especially for schools with large occupants (like CITE), “ according to FO1 Lauglaug in an interview. FO1 Lauglaug underscored the importance of training and re-training not just for students but for staff as well. “Students do come and go, but teachers should equip themselves with know-how how in responding emergencies,” he added.

Mr. Gene Rey Eyas tries to put out fire to demonstrate the PASS steps: Pull the pin, Aim the nozzle low, Squeeze the handle, and Sweep from side to side until the fire is out.

He added that the regular fire drills are an opportunity to educate the students on the importance of immediately reporting fire incidents to authorities to prevent loss of lives and minimize destruction of properties. CITE has a safety brigade led by Mr. Rey Gimena. It has also a response team of students who are well trained in emergencies.

Prior to the drill, TFSS personnel conducted a walk-through to probe the fire exits and fire extinguishers at the school and assess the employees’ skills and knowledge on fire suppression and evacuation.