My Experience at Tsuneishi

Technical training from the best in the field

In-plant training is part of college life. It aims on improving our technical knowledge into a much better experience. Our plant exposure is very important not only to teach us students regarding our field of choice but also to show us the truth about working in the industry.  It allows us to to experience work and learn at the same time.

Tsuneishi Technical Services (Phils.)  Inc. (TTSP)  is well-known for being a competitive shipbuilding company.  It is a Detail Engineering and Production Design company which serves the manufacturing, fabrication and construction needs of shipyards within the Tsuneishi Group in the Philippines as well as in Japan and China. At the same, it is also open to opportunities of serving the non-captive markets.

It might be out of our comfort zone still it gave us new path, new insights, and new knowledge in life. Our experience has given us challenges that were unusual to us, as we were Mechanical Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology students. It’s new to us but still we are ready to face whatever obstacles we might face in this career. Though it is hard but we’ll keep on fighting to reach our destinations, our goals.

The growing family of TTSP

TTSP delights its customers with its strengthened brand equity and technical services through competitive quality, cost-efficient and on-time delivery. On the other hand, TTSP strengthens its employees through healthy competitive benefits, not only onto their customers and employees but they also showed us how to be socially responsible by reaching out to our community.

Reaching out to the immediate community is never out of style.

Being in this type company which values their customers, employees, and the community is a great privilege for us CITE students. They had given us the best experience, best insights, and the best mentors. They nurtured us with the best advice and know-how in shipbuilding that we will be using in our future careers. Here we know that we are not better than each other, but are better than what we used to be.

Teambuildings are always the heart of good working relationships.

TTSP taught us never to give up. They taught us to be brave and take risks in our every move. They guided us with tender advice every time we’re in doubt. But there’s only one important thing that they left on us, “Don’t be afraid to start over again. This time you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience “.

This gave me a thought that when life brings you down, be brave and face it, because success is much sweeter in this way. Now we are enjoy our training and cherish every moment with it because right now is the oldest we’ve ever been and the youngest we’ll ever be again. (Jude Oybenes, Mechanical Engineering Technology Trainee)