CITE Empowers IPI Machine Operators with Technical Training

Seeing that a well-trained workforce is the backbone of any operation, International Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPI), partners with CITE to provide its 14 machine operators a training program in Industry Motor Control, Pneumatics, Electro-pneumatics, and Work Values between May 6 and June 24, 2023.

The eight-week program is a mixture of customized training curriculum covering a range of essential topics that are crucial in the pharmaceutical industry. The Industrial Motor Control module focuses on imparting practical knowledge in motor operations, control circuits, and troubleshooting techniques. Pneumatics explores the principles and applications of pneumatic systems, including circuit design and maintenance. The Electro-Pneumatics segment delves into the integration of electrical and pneumatic systems, equipping participants with the ability to troubleshoot complex mechanisms. The training on values emphasizes on fostering a positive attitude towards work.

The training program is held at CITE with experts such as Mr. Alan Hendric Bueana, Mr. Fernando Arendain, Mr. Reymond Paredes, and Engr. Carlos Cornejo at the helm.

IPI is the Philippines’ leading manufacturer and distributor of a diversified range of pharmaceutical and consumer products. IPI is a valued industry partner offering in-plant trainees from CITE a venue to hone their skills in the field of mechanical and electrical technology.