CITE Holds Skills Upgrading to Industry Technicians

In a bid to upgrade their skills and knowledge, a group of 13 technicians of the Tin Can Division of Treasure Island Industrial Corporation are currently undergoing industry skills upgrading program from March 22, 2023 to August 6, 2023 at CITE.

The training covers a wide range of topics including Basic Electricity, Industrial Motor Control, Pneumatics and Electro-pneumatics and Programmable Logic Controllers. Participants receive hands-on training and practical experience to help them apply their newly acquired knowledge on the job with assessment and evaluation scheduled periodically to ensure participants are keeping up with the course material.

The lead experts are CITE faculty members Alan Hendric Buena, Reymond Paredes, Eljon Lauria, and Joemar Canilada.

The training program is part of an ongoing effort of TIIC to invest in their employees’ professional development and improve service delivery. The participating technicians are expected to return to their workplaces with a wealth of knowledge and new perspectives, which benefit their employers and clients.

Treasure Island Industrial Corporation is a Cebuano-based conglomerate founded in the 1950s. Treasure Island is a prominent player in local commerce and our products are becoming household names in the areas of manufacturing and repacking of lacquers, thinners, epoxy primers and other construction chemicals.