CITE Holds Club Day, Juanito I King Foundation Sponsors

Before the month draws to a close, a clubbing day for some 900 first year and second year students was held on September 28, 2022 to welcome new members. It was an opportunity for them to choose the club they wish to join, depending on their interests and the skills they want to develop.

Club membership is encouraged in CITE to enrich the curriculum through creative experiences. Activities offered by clubs enable members to learn valuable skills and help them to elaborate on the more formal knowledge learned in classrooms.

Clubs vary from response teams, drawing, singing, cooking, writing, technical, nature, computers, and sports. Club moderators were introduced to the students during the orientation held in different classrooms.

The event ended with refreshments courtesy of Juanito I. King Foundation, Inc. (JIKFI) who provided ham and longganisa for the sandwiches and noodles. An Hour a Month Drive among teachers provided for the sandwiches during the event.