US Climate Analyst John Davis Speaks About Climate Change

No filter. The world is on the brink of destruction, according to climate analyst John Davis during his talk on Climate Reality to senior high school students on November 16, 2018. “With the world being engulfed by massive greenhouse gas increases due to continued use of fossil fuels caused by countries refusing to input massively restricted regulations or supporting sustainable energy and by corporate greed,” he said as he reeled off foils on how our activities have contributed to the worsening state of our environment.

Philippines, being one of the countries in Asia mostly affected by rising sea levels, has put itself right on the forefront of the typhoons and tropical depression thus causing the sea level rise to increase at a continued rate, according to Davis.

The statistics he showed have startled the students in attendance, but Davis has claimed that there is still  hope upon presenting tips that anyone can do to save Mother Nature such as:

  1. Pick up garbage anywhere you see it.
  2. Have groups coordinate weekly or monthly trash pickups.
  3. There are many climate groups in your area. Join them and help contribute to a cleaning nation.
  4. Start a climate club in your school. You’ll make an impact almost immediately.
  5. Be active, develop projects you can do in your school and encourage other schools to start their own clubs and work together.

Davis has been a climate analyst for over 20 years. After leaving President Clinton’s administration, he continued his work on climate doing researches that deal with climate issues and doing mentoring for other climate activists. He is a climate reality leader and knighted by the King of Spain for work on global warming. He has keynoted environmental summits here and abroad  and was invited as a guest speaker at the 2018 Philippine Environmental Summit and UN Climate Summit in Paris. He currently resides in Cebu with his lovely wife.

For the copy of Mr. Davis’s powerpoint presentation, please click this link: View Presentation