Do You Trust Your Teammates?

IMG_0801Most of the time when you bring a group of students to form a team, challenges ensue. But putting a team in place is not just enough. A good team requires strong leadership and decisive team members to face the challenges head on. For the 24 members of CITE Response Team, a teambuilding session on September 1, 2017 may just be the right avenue for them to identify the each other’s strength and use this strength to solve problems and respond to needs of others.IMG_0646

Teambuilding facilitator Janlo Capuyan (standing) said that many factors may influence a team’s success or failure. It’s important to identify the diverse skills and interests, their roles, communication flow, and work environment.IMG_0810

One of the challenges is the Minesweeper where a participant has to cross a land mine without stepping on any of the “explosives”.IMG_0708

CITE Response Team is headed by Mechanical Engineering Technology students Kian Pepito and Ronilo Sonido who put up the team together to respond to campus emergencies and perform basic life support to those who require it.