New Media Pioneer Inspires Students

niniBudding photojournalists and news writers gathered on a Saturday morning of September 2, 2017 to attend a campus journalism seminar given by Sun.Star Network Exchange chief editor Nini Cabaero.

Ms. Cabaero is a pioneer of new media in the Philippine community journalism and runs a bi-weekly newspaper column, “Beyond 30” packing a punch on socio-political issues. Ms. Cabaero discussed the basic tenets in journalism including news writing and reporting, multimedia journalism tips, and ways on how to use the social media responsibly to improve reporting and storytelling. She also discussed some real and current issues that young journalists faced in their pursuit for truth.

Campus journalism has been encouraged in the schools to strengthen the ethical values of students and develop their critical thinking and personal discipline. The journalistic skills of the students depend largely of the training they received from teachers and media practitioners whom they look up to.

This is the second time that Ms. Cabaero has given a pro bono seminar to CITE, an institution she considers close to her heart. Ms. Cabaero was a guardian to his nephew Eugenio Marciano who finished a course in Information Technology in 2012.