Creating Technologies. Enriching Lives.

PHOTO 21Clad in blue collared polo, Ian Arila patiently waits in line for a cursory body check at the main entrance. As he passes through the production area, he can’t help but notice how the space was well kept to its tip-top shape with everything seems to fit in its right place.

Ian Arila is a machine operator for the assembly line. His knack for technical-oriented work was honed through the years from his exposure to machines in Sisters of Mary Boystown and at CITE as Electromechanics Technology student.

He finally found a niche to put his skills to practice when he got the scholarship from Cebu Mitsumi Inc. He knows that he is in good hands.

Located in Danao City, some 33 kilometers the city, Cebu Mitsumi Inc. (CMI) is a Japanese electronic manufacturing firm that specializes in making connectors, wire harness, molded & stamped components, optical pick-up units, camera modules, chips on board, magnetic tape head, floppy disk drives, CD-ROM drives, digital audio tapes, and micro actuators. They also have plating and plastic molding businesses.


Founded in 1989, the company started its commercial operation in Cebu in 1990. And since then, it steadily expanded the scale of its production.

CMI has been a partner of CITE since 2004 taking in more than 100 trainees every year who are assigned to critical areas of operation. The company boasts over 5,000 strong employees who work for different areas to cater to the needs of customers in line assembly of CMI products. Trainees from CITE occupy mostly the machine areas.

“We choose CITE because the students are not just skilled but they have good work attitude,” says Ceasar Augusto, HR Manager.

Cebu Mitsumi puts premiums on quality and continual improvement.

Turning 28 this year, CMI continues to make impact to the lives of the people of Danao City. It reaches to its community not just through scholarships but through efforts to keep the environment a livable place.