Former Staff Gives Scholarship Grant

In a simple signing ceremony at CITE on January 9, 2023, former staff member Edwin Heredia (4th from the left) forged a scholarship contract to make college education financially accessible to underprivileged students in CITE.

The perpetual scholarships will support one scholar every three years until he can finish the diploma program of his choice. The grant will be named Edwin Heredia and Family Perpetual Scholarship.

Mr. Heredia (4th from left) turns over a check to Mr. Laraya as his perpetual scholarship grant to aid students in need.

Mr. Heredia was an esteemed faculty member of CITE serving between 1991 and 2007 and held positions as Vice Academic Director and Department Head for Mechanical Technology Department. He has returned home after a Kent-Oman project. Edwin has two children, Edwin Jimi and Xavier Paulus, from wife Naomi who accompanied him during his visit to the school.

On giving back, Mr. Heredia wrote: “(It’s my) gesture of thanks for what I owed to CITE and to continually support the technician program.”

Signing of scholarship contract

Mr. Heredia further encourages alumni and former colleagues to pool in scholarship grants to help more deserving yet underprivileged students get a better chance in life. To know how, please email us at

The signing ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Peter Millan (Development Office Director), Mr. Romero Enoc (Electronics Engineering Technology Department Head), Mr. Ruben Laraya (Executive Director), and Mr. Patrick Neil Cutillas (Scholarships Office staff).