Heroes to the Core

As the world continues to grapple with the brunt of COVID-19 large-scale pandemic, our front line personnel from both public and private sectors continue to put up a brave front while the rest of the populace retreat on quarantine orders. We have heard both heroic and tragic stories about doctors, nurses, and health workers who risk their own lives even beyond the call of duty, let alone support groups, the military and police who are in the line of fire as our government continues to avert the widespread infection of COVID-19.

Last night, members of Mandaue Filipino Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigade, Inc. (MFCVFBI) used powerful hoses to spray disinfectant several feet into the air, with the mist reaching vehicles and some buildings on the side of the road.

We also look at our highly trained firefighters and volunteers for strength as they mount a nimble response to the dire need of essential public safety and sanitation services apart from responding to fires this month.

For several nights now, the Mandaue Filipino Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigade, Inc. (MFCVFBI) conducts a city-wide disinfecting operation in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19. The group consists of 42 volunteers who are trained in life-saving and in keeping the community safe.

Members of the Mandaue Filipino Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigade, Inc. (MFCVFBI) have remained on low key amid our health crisis. Ervin stands at the right most side.

Ervin Tuico II, a CITE alumnus and trained firefighter, has been a member of MFCVFBI for two years now. His solid background as a responder at Search and Rescue 160 has helped him prepare for the daunting task even making substantial personal sacrifices of his own.

After his CITE graduation in 2018 where he earned a leadership award for forming and training the pioneering batch of CITE Response Team, he follows his calling to do voluntary work for MFCVFBI as active firefighter while he dabbles in a business venture with his brother in the sidelight.

Firefighters prepare for nightly disinfecting operation in Mandaue City

While COVID-19 poses as a powerful enemy where one stands no chance against with, Ervin’s simple Facebook message to “stay at home” sounds timely and relevant. Tonight, his team is set to sweep the streets with hospital-grade disinfectant and even amp their effort to keep us safe.

Instead of lamenting the failings of our leaders or racing one another in the thick of social media posts, let us offer a prayer or two to our frontliners who have put their lives in the line to avert an even more daunting future. Their courage continues to protect us. Their heroic deeds continue to inspire us.

Ervin Tuico II, firefighter and CITE alumnus