Masks Armies

Facemasks maybe are in short supply, but not Filipinos’ creativity. This has prodded creative solutions among Cebuanos including some of our alumni and students who, while being relegated to their homes due to heightened quarantine measures, are using their time productively to assemble do-it-yourself (DIY) versions of face shields made of elastic materials, PVC, acetate and sorts.

Pi Gamma Phi 1975 chapter president DK Yballe shows how to wear the mask.

Batch 13 Mechanical Technology graduate Dhartte Kristian Yballe, while on break from Tsuneishi Heavy Industries, is taking the lead in making improvised face shields in Balamban with the help of his fraternity brothers of Pi Gamma Phi 1975 where he is the chapter president.

The formidable team strikes a post after finishing 100 face shields.

Currently, they are able to make 100 face shields which are given for free by one of their nurse members to the front line personnel of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.

Ready for delivery. More to come as needs surge heights.

Dhartte said that he is awaiting some materials such as acetate/PVC film, garter, rubber mat, thick foam, and double-sided tape to ramp up the production of the second batch and monetary donations to buy these materials are most welcome since they have depleted their own resources because of the surge of needs.

While the novelty of COVID-19 has kept us wondering of the efficacy of DIY protective gears but the hard realities on the ground have left us no choice but to resort to crowdsourced face shields. Cranking out homemade shields can save lives.

If you wish to contact Dhartte, please reach him through his mobile phone at 0929 655 8588.