CITE Calls for a Livable Cebu

solEnvironmental advocate Sol Torres was guest during the October 14 seminar for members of Environmentalists Club on October 14 (Saturday). Ms. Torres is a member of the Movement for Livable Cebu (MLC), one of the leading voices that campaign the halting of of construction of more flyovers in Cebu City.

MLC also works in consultation with the local government on the viability of setting up a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) including its detailed engineering designs. MLC also campaigns for wider, safer, and well-maintained sidewalks. Ms. Torres encouraged the students in attendance to be responsible citizens by educating themselves in social responsibility and environmental consciousness to help the generations to come enjoy a livable place.

Named as one of the top 10 Asian Cities of the Future, Cebu City was also included in the top 20 list of “Best Places to Live” in the country according to MoneySense business magazine in 2008. Cebu’s livability was based on the standard of living, quality of life, care for environment, and cost of living.