Celso Pepito Teaches Arts to Students


Members of Palette and Journalism Clubs were amazed with the artworks and presentations of one of Cebu’s finest and most celebrated artists, Celso Duazo Pepito, who was invited to CITE on October 14 to teach arts appreciation to students. Pepito studied under the tutelage of the great Martino Abellana, touted to be the dean of Cebuano painters, who introduced him to Impressionist-Realist. Having found his artistic identity, Pepito explored his craft in the developing his own style of Cubism which he considered a freer expression of his ideas and aspirations.

With Cubism, Pepito is able to inject the principle of three planar divisions of his composition portraying significant and visually strong  messages in life–his love for God, his presentation of positive Filipino values, and his patriotism.