Machinist-Turned-IT Specialist Shares His Journey

Batch 13 Mechanical Technology graduate-turned- IT Specialist Romano Verdad proves that you can switch horses across life’s stream if you have passion for learning and unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
Romano had his own share of difficulties before. His parents were both fishball vendors and couldn’t afford extra. “I remember walking 5 to 6 kilometers everyday just to go to CITE and I enjoyed it a lot. I even walk 10 to 15 kilometers every now a then because I can think better when I’m walking. “

Romano gives some advice to those eyeing the same route in a virtual interview with CyberSkillFarm, a hub that aims empower upcoming and new IT professionals in Network, Cloud, and Cybersecurity.
“My transition to IT was very challenging, but because of the trainings and values I learned from CITE, I manage to overcome those challenges.” Romano is currently the senior IT security specialist in Lexmark Research and Development Corporation.

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