Values Educator Answers Tough Questions

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Dr. Roque Carballo, author of Inner Beauty Shining Through: What My Mother Taught Me about Values, can just talk about anything under the sun. As a prolific speaker, he has given numerous talks to both professionals and students. His latest stint in Cebu to launch his latest work permitted him to interact with CITE students on a Friday afternoon (August 4). Dr. Carballo gamely answered questions that touch sensitive topics on chastity and sexuality oftentimes drawing huge cheers from the crowd. The 66-year old values education veteran packed a punch with age-old tenets on “mercy and confession” that profoundly resonate with Pope Francis’s proclamation.

After giving a talk to students, Dr. Carballo also enthused the members of the faculty and staff with his fast talk on professionalism tackling real-life experiences that hit a little close to home. He reminded the teachers to take professionalism by heart and grow into it in the name of selfless commitment to their vocations.DSC_0242