Teambuilding Leads to Self-Discovery

DSC_0080Only very few can work alone in today’s environment. Most of us largely depend on each other’s capability to get the work done. We enlisted ourselves to become members of teams, community organizations, and student clubs. Together, we come up with ideas, create programs, and promote advocacies we strongly feel about. If combined, our ideas may result to actions that aid our immediate community and further our capabilities.DSC_0097

While individual’s expertise and experience can fit a part of the big picture, one could not deny that people are consciously or unconsciously ¬†assembled into groups to embark on a process that leads towards a bigger goal. This where each of the member of the team explores each other’s capabilities, strength, and varied personalities to be able to complete a task, let alone reach a common a goal. To prepare a team for such an ordeal, teambuilding seminars are an important tool to maximize the collective potential. For Technologists Club of 47 members, it was self-discovery.DSC_0048

Technologists are newest members of a pool of student clubs in CITE. They specialize on machine and building maintenance. Last July 29,  the group underwent a teambuilding seminar through the leadership of Janlo Capuyan, who lent his expertise in bringing young people to work together in a non-threatening environment.DSC_0058

The members were able to work in small groups that involve challenges in communication, conflict, problem solving, and risk-taking. For them, the tasks were just a foretaste of the challenges that lie ahead when they start to turn ideas into results. (Photos and texts by Dylan Balagtas)