Crossing the Threshold

Roland Doming came to Canada for the same reason that most immigrants have— to provide the best for his family. Now he has more reasons to stay.

His job as CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Programmer and Machinist at Standard Machine Canada has provided him the best opportunity to better hone his skills in machining. For 10 years now, this 33-year-old Mechanical Technology alumnus from Cambinocot, Cebu has been on the top of his game.

“I run the biggest boring mill in the shop, a 30-ton job is a challenge”, he said. “Driving through an icy road is another”, he quipped.
He is working with the best equipped open gearing and mechanical power transmission facilities in Saskatoon. Rumor has it that he is the highest paid CNC programmer among different nationalities.

His company provides solutions to some of the largest natural resource and manufacturing industries in the world including design and manufacture of quality parts for industries including pulp and paper, mining, oil and gas, chemical, steel mills, marine, transportation, military and aerospace.

He recalled his humble beginnings as a CNC programmer at Makoto Metal Technology Inc. in Mactan Export Processing Zone after he graduated from Mechanical Technology in 2002. Hardwork and dedication catapulted him to his promotion as process engineer. A job offer in Saudi Arabia as CNC programmer opened doors for rewarding jobs abroad. When an opportunity to work in Canada came along his way, he decided to grab the chance and start all over again.

“It was not hard for me to find job because I was taught well in CITE. Of course, without God’s help, it would have been impossible”, he said.

Keeping in mind CITE’s motto and core values motivates him to give his best in everything he does.

Roland and his wife, Meliza, live together with their daughter. It was a dream come true for him especially living closer to the very reasons why he came in the first place.


After all, life is really about making things better for the people that you care about, he concluded. 