Touching Lives One Child at a Time

mentor-3Teaching is a profession. But more than a profession, it is a calling. Imagine the lengthy hours a teacher has to spend in order to prepare a very good lesson or the effort he exerts to hold his students captivated despite the many distractions that surround them. That is why if he teacher takes his vocation seriously, his time will be consumed in planning the lessons, preparing visual aids, and mentoring the students to be productive individuals.

While the new batch of Young Mentors possess the qualities that of a promising teacher — brimming over the brio with passion to help the kids, they are not just enough without equipping themselves with the fundamentals of teaching. John Rey Orio, a senior member said, “I’m joining the club because I love teaching kids”. Orio has attended two basic mentoring seminars given by Montessori-trained day care center and CITE parent Editha Erana. Mrs. Erana inspired Orio and other 31 members of YM how to be mentors with immense dedication from crafting a lesson plan all the way to making effective instructional materials.

mentorPaul Christian Ejes, head mentor, understands that effective mentoring starts with preparation. “We need to attend workshops like these in order to be more ready, effective, and driven by objective.”

Mrs. Erana gave the basic mentoring seminar (July 15) and the Art of Storytelling (July 29), yet she felt that there is still a big room for improvement. “The mentors are dedicated, but they needed to be more confident in presenting their lessons,” she said a text message. Mrs. Erana is set to give another module on Mathematics for Kids using effective teaching tools to keep pupils interested in school.