“Give Blood, Give Now” A Success

Donating blood to save others is one of the noblest acts a person can perform. It is a simple yet heroic act.blood

Last July 21, more than a hundred volunteers answered the call of Juanito I. King Foundation Inc. (JIKFI), in partnership with Philippine Red Cross, to “Give Blood, Give Now, Give Often.”

Statistics from the Philippine Red Cross shows that someone needs blood every two seconds, or one in every seven people entering a hospital needs blood.

Last year, 14,779 individuals were in need of blood, but only 11,147 were served.
This figure inspired JIKFI to once again call on its partners, among which are the King Group of Companies, Juanito King & Sons Inc., RDAK, SkyGo, 6R Mercantile, Nitos Auto Supply, Cebu SubZero and Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise to donate blood.

The efforts of the volunteers paid off that day, as each person contributed to the 35,100cc of blood collected, and with every volunteer’s blood bag, three lives are saved.

It was a fulfilling day for the volunteers, knowing that they gave a part of themselves so others may live.

The foundation’s efforts and its partners have been recognized by Philippine Red Cross as it awarded JIKFI a Diploma of Service last July 27, in recognition of their blood-letting campaign which produced close to 150 bags of blood since 2016.

The need for blood rises for every calamity that strikes and the need to be ready are raising the stakes for blood donation higher each year.

JIKFI and its partners will continue to aggressively campaign for blood donors through its blood-letting activity in order to give the gift of life.

Photo and text reprinted from Sunstar Daily issued August 4, 2017 with from Juanito I King Foundation Inc.